Gordon Brown TV Launches

LONDON - England - Supreme unelected leader, Comrade Brown has announced the revamp of the telescreen which watches all citizens in their homes and work places.

The Ministry of Information and Politburo Agency in Whitehall has announced an upgrade to all existing telescreens installed in every workers home.

The telescreen, which broadcasts the face of the Supreme Commander in Chief Comrade Brown to all British Soviet citizens every day, every hour of the week will be upgraded to full colour.

“Comrades, dearest Bolshevik fighters for the New Age of Change. Now you can see my face every second of the day in full colour and not in monochrome as before. I will be watching and guiding your every step dearest comrades. I will be listening  to your every word and telling you exactly how to serve the great Soviet Labour State of Britain best,” Comrade Brown announced at his 4 am daily address.

As well as constant streaming footage of speeches, press conferences and public confessions from traitors to the state, 1984, the company providing the technology for the site,
will show archive material of important news events.

There will also be exciting announcements on cabbage crop reports, workers rations and important announcements of the progress with the war in Eurasia and Midasia.

In other news, traitor to the New Age of Change, David Miliband will be publicly flogged at 19.35 BST (British Soviet Time) on Wednesday.

British Soviet citizens who refuse to watch the telescreen or avoid the wonderful messages from our great leader will be promptly re-educated and brought to justice.

No Thoughtcrimes will be tolerated and proles are urged to report any form of dissent to the nearest council Stasi officer.

Sectors 3 – 45 will be subject to curfew tonight because listening and visual capture instruments are being upgraded. All proles within these sectors must stay within the perimeter fences or be arrested.

Notice: B64128 Long Live the Gordo!