Head of Wealthy International Paedophile Ring Identified

Rome - Italy - German scientists on behalf of Interpol have uncovered the identity of the notorious leader of the worlds largest and wealthiest paedophilia ring.

After eight months of scientific computerised rendering, German technicians working for Interpol have finally deciphered the swirl over the face of the ring leader of a massive paedophilia organisation.

“We know he likes to wear a Santa Claus hat but the computerised swirl obscured his main features so we had a hard time identifying him. It has taken many months of work to uncover the mastermind of the evil ring,” Jurgen Mullerice, one of the technicians working on the project revealed to Reuters.

Clues in the photographs helped police identify locations in Italy
and Vatican city, but the man’s face had been hidden behind a digital
swirl. Only when computer experts managed to unscramble the image was
Interpol able to issue the worldwide appeal for the suspect’s identity
and whereabouts.

“This man is the ringleader and arch criminal who is in charge of the biggest paedophile ring ever discovered. His wealthy organisation has committed terrible and horrendously evil crimes against children. They have used their vast riches to evade capture for many years but all the money in the world cannot help them now. We will find him and hopefully be able to stop the horror that he is head of,” Chief Inspector, Jacques Brusard of Interpol said at a news conference in Brussels, Monday.

The evil ring has been involved in many instances of child abuse in Ireland, America, Australia and Italy. There have also been many cases of abuse in South America where this paedophile ring is prevalent.

‘Finally Uncovered’

Interpol is waiting for tip-offs on the whereabouts of the ring leader and has issued the photograph of the un-swirled identity of the head of the organisation.

“If you see this man do not approach him, just run as fast as you can. He is very dangerous. You must then contact your local law enforcement agency without fail,” Mr Brusard warned at the end of the news conference.

Interpol warns anyone who comes into contact with the ringleader or any of his followers to flee the area and contact the nearest Police service in your vicinity immediately.