McCain Keeps Fit with Fencing Lessons

WASHINGTON DC - USA - John McCain the Republican candidate for the upcoming election is said to be keeping fit by taking fencing classes.

Senator John
McCain, the 92 year old Republican candidate for the US presidential
elections, is said to be fighting against “false rumours” that he
is unfit for office.

In a television marketing blitz of adverts
denigrating Barack Obama’s campaign, senior Republican staffers were
proudly extolling the virtues of McCain.

“He’s a real fighter,
he’s like D’Artagnan from the Three Musketeers. He could beat Obama any
day with a sword fight duel and has been keeping campaign fit with
daily sessions in the gym sparring with fellow senior citizens,” Ron
Quagmire, campaign manager for GOP’s Wisconsin office told press,

Obama who is still on his world tour meeting with
leaders, is treating his trip like a victory lap. However, has he vastly underestimated his opponent and can he lose the upcoming election?

“I’ve seen John get up there with his foil and look like a man
possessed. He has the strength of a 70 year old man and can slice and
dice his opponents like chopped liver. His exercise regime is gruelling
for a man of his age and he fences every day for atleast 15 minutes at
a time. This man is going to be president of the United States of
America without any doubt. I’ll bet my sword on it,” McCain’s fencing
instructor Alphonse Cordoba told CNN.

Obama is going round the world posing for photo-shoots with world leaders. McCain is at home in the gym fencing his heart out. There can only be one winner.

Presidential candidate McCain is training hard in the gym nearly every day

John McCain is also gaining in the polls whilst the American people are
seeing Barack Obama as a ‘glory boy’ who has frankly jumped the gun,” a
Washington political commentator told CNN.

McCain, at
92 years old, says he loves the sport, even though he admits it’s a
challenge at his age and he’s always afraid he might
fall over.

“I’m going to put a Z on Obama, y’all going to see!” John McCain
boasted from his gym yesterday as he boldly swiped away his 96 year old opponent’s
foil and planted a direct hit on his startled sparring partner’s chest.