Calling People Fabians is Criminal

LONDON - England - People should stop using the word 'fabian', a chav scum spit tank has suggested.

The widely-used term is, according to the dictionaries, derogatory slang for a left-wing, chauffeur driven, controlling socialist bunch of good-for-nothing PC air bags full of low social oik status, often wearing Labour badges on their lapels over designer work man’s dungarees.

A teen chav stabber Tom Hampson says the term betrays a deep level of “f*cking sh*t innit” and is “deeply f*cking offensive to a largely voiceless group of…who f*cking cares – ‘ere giz a fag ya c*nt”.

‘Deeply offensive’

Mr Hampson, who is a triple stab murderer on remand in Pentonville prison, says in an article due to be published in the Scum newspaper that the word  ‘fabian’ is “sneering and patronising”, and compared it to other controversial words such as “work” and “loss of benefits”.


I’ll f*ckin’ stab ya if ya write that ya c*nt
Chav scum Tom Hampson

“Some uses of some of the f*ckin’ words fall below the threshold of f*ckin’ acceptability and some are definitely above it or summink like that.

“Fabian is way above that threshold. It is deeply offensive to a largely voiceless group and – especially when used in normal conversation or on national TV – it betrays a deep and revealing level of socialist useless rhetoric and posturing.”

And he said “it is distancing, turning the fabian into the kind of socialist commie beast that exists only in Marxist neo-Stalinist handbooks carried around by the likes of Gordon Brown”.

‘Loutish behaviour’

But Mr Donald, speaking to BBC Radio East Grimsdale, said it was Chav scum culture itself which was patronising and deeply offensive.


It is part of today’s vocabulary whether we like it or not
Tony Thorne
Language consultant

“Chavs are the legacy of Labour government and represent low culture, violence, vandalism, murder, thievery, uselessness and low social morals as well as extreme ignorance and hatred of anything that embodies beauty.

“Chavs in England are a blight on everyone’s life and if there was a mass cull of these feral beasts the world would be a happier and safer place.”

The Oxford English Dictionary classes fabian as derogatory British slang.

It is defined as “a person of a type characterised by Marxist and loutish Stalinist controlling behaviour and the wearing of working man’s clothes; usually with connotations of a low social status”.

‘Genuine social phenomenon’

Tony Thorne, a language consultant for Kings College London, said people who were called fabians actually used the word themselves.

“It is part of today’s vocabulary, whether we like it or not,” he said.

The word had originally been used by socialist workers of the Labour party to mean “comrade”, he added.

Its modern meaning became widely used in 1984, although it had been used in certain areas such as Grimsby and Yorkshire for some time.

Mr Thorne said: “What fabian seems to me to mean is an aggressive, self-assured, unashamedly materialistic person going around spouting hypocritical socialistic commie nonsense. I don’t think ‘fabians’ are an innocent group of victims.

“We’re dealing with a genuine social disease.

“Fabian is like a ‘Bentley driving commie’ – it describes a type of behaviour and appearance that’s very identifiable with champagne socialism.”