Fall Guy Barack Obama Ushered Into Presidency

NEW HAMPSHIRE - USA - Barack Obama is being groomed to be the first black President of the United States of America. He is being instated to take the fall for George W Bush's disastrous tenure as President.

American Election Race Special

Barack Obama is set to be the first black (African American) President of the United States of America and ‘fall guy’ for the many years of destruction committed by George W Bush and his cronies on the US Constitution, economy, US world standing and internal affairs.

“George W Bush has ruined America and his perpetual wars of terror on the rest of the world have caused irreparable damage that may never be fixed – that’s why we’re bringing in this boy Obama to take the fall,” a representative from the Pentagon told the Daily Squib on Friday.

The American people who have large daily doses of intense fear pumped into their homes constantly via the Fox News Network of Terror and other government controlled media outlets are all backing Obama 110%.

House Ni**er

Former Secretary of State, House Ni**er and Uncle T*m, Colin Powell was on hand to support Obama in Iowa. Powell was mostly noted for his role in being told to lie by his keepers to the UN about Saddam’s WMD program which was supposedly ‘capable’ of attacking the western world in 15 minutes.


Condoleeza Rice is another prime example of a master’s puppet. Her holders have given her leave to buy expensive shoes and have meetings to discuss further meetings for more meetings where she can act like she “knows shit like her massa.”

Shaquanda Wendell, a 39 year old housewife from Philadelphia, makes a valid point about how she views the new Secretary of State. “Someone
needs to find Condi a man or something, she be going round and causing
the death of millions of people in the world because she don’t have a
man and is angry and shit. There must be a man somewhere that can
please her and stop her wanting to destroy the planet. Is there a man
out there who can be with Condi so we can all live in peace? ”

What Shaquanda probably does not realise is that a man cannot take the place of what Ms Rice really wants.

Taking the Fall

“If we
need someone to take the fall because of our illicit profiteering, greed,
lies, illegal unconstitutional practices, torture and corruption we put
one of them in charge for awhile,” John Thompson, a senior GOP representative, was quoted as saying from the Wyoming Republican caucuses this week.

When George W Bush leaves office, he will be hailed a hero by the American people and Republican guard. Obama will then be placed into office to take the can for “dubya’s” horrific mistakes.

Bush Legacy

What kind of a situation would ‘fall guy’ Barack Obama inherit?

A $2.8 TRILLION price tag for the disastrous Iraq imbroglio with no end
in sight, a $9.7
TRILLION national debt, increasing
unemployment, a sub-prime mortgage fiasco that has destabilised the
world’s economy, a damaged US worldwide standing, a weak currency,
perpetual US made wars with no exit strategies, monstrous trade deficit of
$740 TRILLION and
an infrastructure buckling under the strain of incompetence and waste, 60,000 US soldiers injured and over 5,000 deaths in Iraq alone, a destabilised Middle East with millions of innocent civilian deaths and displaced peoples, US foreign policy that has brought the world to the brink of WW III.

What better scapegoat to complement these elements of imminent destruction? Enter Barack Obama.

  • Payday Loan Advocate

    Some in the government, like Barack Obama, are seeking to limit the American peoples’ access to on-demand, short term financial assistance. Some cities and towns are trying to impose restrictions on where these legitimate businesses can set up shop. Even worse, several states, including Georgia and North Carolina, have successfully imposed all-out bans on the industry, with several more attempting to follow suit. Citizens all across the nation are seeking to have their voices heard by fighting legislation that would obliterate the payday loan industry nationwide; misinformed political

  • House Ni**er

    I find the term Barak Obama highly offensive…

  • ThinkinitThrough

    ignorance truly is bliss…

  • PISSED OFF in Arizona

    As another Black American; I am not only VERY offended but down right angry that this rag of a Newspaper would print such offensive terms as House Nigger and Uncle Tom is about at tactless, tasteless, and rude. I don’t see this as a joke; this is down right insulting!!!

    Even says so in Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_nigger

  • Sam Robertson

    I can understand a white man lying to us as President but what happens when a brotha gets up there and lies to us? Brothas please don’t do it, don’t be like them. LIARS!!!! No more house niggers!!!

  • Rex Regis USA

    Use of Disgusting American Slangs?

    Like saying the Queen has a big, stinking Pussy, that she never washes.
    That probably will not be found very funny by most Britons.
    Just to give you a comparative analogy.

  • Disgruntled in NY

    As an African American, I am VERY offended by this article… not that the authors would care much for the feelings of an African American anyway… That you would so casually publish House Nigger in an article is inappropriate and tasteless. Some people don’t know how far is too far when making a joke…