Comrade Brown to Increase Fuel Tax Again

LONDON - England - After increasing fuel duty by 2p in October, supreme unelected comrade, Gordon Brown, is awarding proles another 2p increase in fuel tax as an early festive gift before state holidays in December.

Our supreme unelected leader and comrade who has brought our nation back from the brink of disaster from the spoils of that pusillanimous traitor Comrade Blair, today announced a further 2p rise award on fuel tax.

The supreme unelected comrade has so far awarded proles a wonderful 20p increase in fuel tax for 2007 alone. Fuel prices are now at £1.09 per litre.

Of the £1 paid for a litre of fuel, 67.5p is tax. A total of 29p goes to the oil producer, 2.5p to the retailer and 1p to the supplier.

“You can shit in an Englishman’s soup and he would lap it up without any questions. They are a very pliable people who take things that other nationalities would balk at,” said a member of the Ministry of Information, proudly extolling his work.

The general population greeted the further increase in petrol prices with applause and cheers for our supreme leader comrade Brown, who announced the tax hike from his dacha deep in the mountains of Sector 101 (Northern Britain).

Stasi officials at Whitehall say that the tax award is a necessary cost to proles so that our great nation can pay for the conflicts on two fronts in Eurasia, as well as increase Stasi coffers to pre-‘traitor Blair’ levels.



There have been rumours about some dissent in a few of the sectors predominantly populated by proles.

I am happy to pay any fuel tax increase with a big smile on my face. I will never ask any questions or show dissent for the huge tax increases.
Mr Parsons
Sector 234 East Glamorgan


The Politburo office in Whitehall is issuing guidelines on how to spot any dissentors of Comrade Brown’s fuel tax hikes:


  • Citizens who curse our leader at petrol stations will be arrested.
  • Anyone who blocks the fuel lane whilst staring at the fuel price in disbelief will be arrested immediately for delaying fuel revenue collection.
  • Thoughtcrime on the internet relating to huge fuel tax rises will be punished.
  • Hoarding of fuel will be punishable with death or a 40 year working holiday in a salt mine.



News of a traitor

Deposed traitor to the state comrade Blair is now on the run in Eurasia and Americania.

There are reports that he is extorting large sums of money from unsuspecting audiences for his traitorous speeches.

Whilst the traitor and glutton, Blair, is charging $500,000 per speech and living in the lap of luxury, we here in our nation are continuing on with the struggle for our state and the Age of Change as espoused by supreme unelected comrade Gordon Brown.

Our supreme leader’s three year plan and Vision of Change must be adhered to at all times. Any dissent or thoughtcrime against his comradeship will be punished. You have been warned.

Notice: B64422 INGSOCK Long Live the Gordo!