YouTube Shuts Down After Infringing Own Copyright

SAN BRUNO - USA - YouTube lawyers and corporate marketers have shut down the site for awhile because they think they have infringed their own copyright.

“As of today, we have shut down the YouTube site because our stringent copyright rules, which make it nigh on impossible to upload anything onto the site anymore, also apply to the whole website structure and name. Therefore, we have been given no choice but to shut ourselves down, effective immediately. I have just cleared my desk and will be leaving the building right now,” YouTube’s CEO, Arnold Wisegarden, was quoted as saying from his soon to be ex-office.

Everyone remembers those wonderful days when YouTube was a magical free place where everyone could upload clips, music videos, documentaries and pretty much anything they wanted to without any repercussions, lawsuits, copyright notices or being banned from the site.

“I remember fondly how I could go to YouTube, search for an artist, movie clip or sitcom and actually watch the videos without multiple ads jumping around the screen or videos embellished with a gaudy copyright notice telling me the audio has been taken out. YouTube is like anything else on the internet that was once public domain and good. All the scumbag jackals, vultures and cockroaches of the corporate world smear their evil shit over anything that is free,” an ex-YouTube viewer told Fox News.

YouTube has not yet released a date for when it will be up and running again because the issue of copyright has to be worked out between 23 teams of lawyers recruited by the company to evaluate whether they have the right to be YouTube anymore.

Al Frankenheimer, an ex-YouTube worker said: “Yesterday morning I went to the photocopy machine to copy a document for an accounting issue. I was told immediately by a copyright officer who saw me copying the copy of last years spreadsheet for July that I had infringed YouTube copyright rules and that I would be required to destroy the piece of paper immediately with the shredder. After he watched me doing that, I was escorted out of the building by a security officer and told to go home.”

  • Bill c.

    This media control ppl…govt/corporations want to silence us,keep us from spreading ideas easily nd in a comprehensible way.

  • Raymond

    Well it happened again! It was May 6, 2011 when it happened again!

  • Steve D.

    Crazy, I just can't believe: even my internet doesn't work for hours now – sure it has to do with the Tube-crisis. I go and take me a Capi & Pasta, cheers!

  • Miss Boobie

    At least Porn Tube is still up and running, there is a God.

  • alexis

    I can't get on youtube

  • is this for real, because it sounds stupid but i can't get on youtube and have to give some monkeys some information that they will hopefully understand.

  • Cameron B

    Hilariously, Youtube is actually down, 17 hours later. There is a God, and he has a sense of humour.