Hot Trends Will Make You Gaga Over Google

What do Daily Squib, the Daily Squib, and have in common? They are currently the top 3 hottest searched keywords on Google.

Google, atop all its nifty services, has come out with Hot Trends, a new feature which is a clever combination of a Google Search, Google Zeitgeist, and Google Trends.


Google Zeitgeist has
been around for over six years now; which, is a service used to list
the top 10 gaining search queries for the previous week. A couple
months back, Google introduced us with Google Trends,
an invaluable service used to show trends between selected keywords. *
– If you want to try something fun, type in the months of the year or
days of the week in Google Trends.(yes, people actually search for
Monday on Mondays)

But now, both of these services have been slewed together in a real
time view of what’s hot. Google Hot Trends shows the top 100 hottest
current searches in real time. A click of the mouse, on any keyword,
will take you to that keyword’s page.

The first thing you’ll notice is a meter that shows you the hotness
level. The keywords ‘Daily Squib’ is on FIRE, but others include
mild, medium, and spicy. You’ll also get a list of related searches
(Daily Squib News,, the time that the search peaked
(17:00 PM, PDT), and the location where the term was searched for the
most (London, UK). The search term ‘Google Hot Trends’ is currently
in 26th.

But Hot Trends performs 3 other Google functions, all located on the
same page. It performs a Google Web search, Blog search, and News
search so you can find out exactly why a search term is hot. Through
this, we find out that the Daily Squib is the hottest thing on the internet since sliced bread.

Google’s new service also allows you to get a glimpse of the past,
as you can change the date to see what was ‘hot’ on a particular
day. Hot Trends is currently available only in English, but Ironically,
there are some foreign language sites reporting this very same news.