Daily Squib YouTube Channel Censored and Demonetized

LONDON - England - The YouTube channel for the Daily Squib has been demonetized and censored by Google.

The Daily Squib YouTube channel was blacklisted and shadow banned in 2012, but occasionally we add a video here or there knowing full well the piece will only get a few nominal views. From now on don’t think we’ll even bother.

Last week Google/YouTube sent us an email saying that we had also been demonetized because YouTube does not classify us as getting enough hits to qualify for monetisation. We didn’t make anything from that channel anyway. Of course, the reason for this is because YouTube has shadow banned our videos for awhile and whatever we do, there is always the spectre of their censors restricting our new videos.

So, in effect, they send us a demonetization email because of Google censorship on our channel that has hindered our ability to get views.

Let us be clear, we at the Daily Squib will not ever make cat videos, videos of us playing computer games, videos of us vlogging on products, or flooding the site with useless inane banal crud like Spamfeed or other erroneous publications.

Our simple aim was to make little collages, film pieces, commentary on certain issues that are not freely discussed and to provide a relatively intelligent outlook on current affairs. Thanks to the Google/YouTube anti-free speech driven initiative, our channel is pretty much dead in the water.

If we published a video today, it is invisible on the search function, and is immediately relegated to the outreaches of the YouTube noosphere where no one can view it.

We however conducted experiments where we took some of our videos and uploaded them onto a new user name not mentioning the Daily Squib. Each video posted received hundreds of thousands of views. This was certifiable proof that the Daily Squib channel itself is blacklisted and any video we post shadow banned.

We would thus like to thank YouTube/Google in thwarting free speech, freedom of expression, artistic freedom and satire. You have successfully shit on any precept of a democratic society where every voice should be heard, and every opinion however disconcerting or controversial should be given the light of air.

It is interesting to see that your version of free thought only involves one side of a story, you are restricting other points of view, you are restricting artistic and satirical freedom of expression, and you are in effect running a system that is fascistic and communistic in its outlook on censorship.

If we were now in the 1930s or in the dystopia of George Orwell’s 1984, it would be understandable, however last we checked, we were meant to be in the progressive enlightened year of 2018.

For better or worse, fuck you, may your fucking ignorance and one-sided attitude of censorship come back to haunt you one day. Fuck you.