Impartial BBC to Fly Israeli Flag on News Broadcasts

LONDON - England - In an effort to remain 'impartial' the BBC is going to play the Israeli national anthem at every news broadcast. In a further bid for impartial reporting, the BBC news logo will be offset in front of an Israeli flag from now on, according to the head of news programming.

Speaking from Tel Aviv, the BBC Director General, Yerachmiel Thompsonbaum, spoke of his disgust at being asked to broadcast a message of humanitarian aid for the dying thousands in Gaza after the Israeli bombing: “There has been a suggestion that we should broadcast a ‘humanitarian’ appeal for the thousands of people who are ‘dying in Gaza’.  There is no one dying in Gaza, there is no proof of this fact. In fact we feel that everything is rosy in Gaza and there is no need to help people who are doing fine. British TV licence payers can rest assured that we, at the BBC, are dedicated to impartial reporting.”

The BBC has previously run appeals after wars in Africa and in the
former Yugoslavia but has now drawn the line with Gaza’s Palestinians.

Instead, starting from tomorrow, there will be a BBC tribute to all the brave Israeli tank crews, bomber pilots, artillery and soldiers who reduced the Gaza ghetto into a pile of rubble and misery.

“I think the BBC is right not to broadcast the appeal. The BBC should
remain impartial. I would be disappointed if the BBC changed its mind,” Feivel Goldberg from Golders Green, North London wrote on the BBC’s website.

BBC news directors have also been ordered to change the news logo so as to accentuate the BBC’s dedication to impartiality.

“The BBC news logo will be changed from Monday. It will incorporate the design of the Israeli flag and our news broadcasts will also start with the playing of the Israeli national anthem. Thank you for paying our huge salaries with your TV Licence so you can have an impartial news broadcaster,” a BBC announcer told audiences last night.

Don’t forget folks, Jonathan Ross is back again with his £6 million BBC salary after his little paid vacation. Keep paying the TV Licence, it is well worth it.

  • Dave

    I have persuaded all of my friends and family to not pay the TV licence (TAX) anymore. No doubt we will be receiving threatening letters from the BBC sooner or later.

  • Jonny

    It’s good to be impartial when the Israelis are the aggressors but not good to be impartial when the Arabs are the aggressors.

    That’s how impartiality at the BBC works.

  • G.K

    >I think it’s pretty brave to fly in the face of public opinion to maintain your principles -even if we don’t agree with them.

    ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’

  • Peter Smithson

    >More cowardice from the BBC. Is anyone surprised?

    I think it’s pretty brave to fly in the face of public opinion to maintain your principles -even if we don’t agree with them.

  • Persephone

    The BBC have no problem whatsoever staging other fundraisers, yet won’t do one for Gaza? The BBC is bowing to Israel and a government that is not even their own. Absolutely disgusting on all counts. The Israeli Army (after much American funding, I might add) is one of the most powerful in the world and if they wanted to take out Hamas, they could. Yet they don’t. And why, you may ask? It’s simple really. Hamas fire their handmade rockets that have killed not even a dozen people and Israel can use that as an excuse to kill thousands of Palestinians. FUCK ISRAEL AND ITS SUPPORTERS.

  • Dan

    Count me out too…NO MORE TV LICENCE MONEY FROM ME..Those people in Gaza need some help…how about some humanity?

    What?…so they can spend my money on C*NTS like Jonathan Ross?!?!?

  • Carol T.

    I’ve already pusuaded 20 of my friends and family to stop paying the horrible tv licence. This is a good excuse as any to stop paying. If everyone pursuades at least 20 of their pals to do the same we could have a good result.

  • Eff OFF BBC

    Count me out of paying the TV licence. Enough is enough. They lost impartiality anyway after the Hutton whitewash.I’ve cancelled all my Sky subscriptions as well.

  • Tom from London

    I ripped up my TV licence lastnight.

    I’m still going to watch TV but i’m not going to pay the poxy tax. Why should I?

  • Jewish State Forever

    The BBC has every right to protect Israel. We are the ones who are being attacked daily by the Palestinian Hamas terrorists.

    The BBC has acted accordingly considering the terrible situation.

    The Daily Squib however cannot be accused of being impartial can it?

  • Alan, Devon

    More cowardice from the BBC. Is anyone surprised?

  • Roger Watts

    I think the BBC has singlehandedly changed the definition of the word Impartial.