Interesting Slot Games in UK

LONDON - England - There are so many interesting slot games out there to immerse yourself in, there's something for everyone.

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You really don’t have to be bored in this digital world we live in these days, and when it comes to entertainment, there are always ways you can have fun, and have a chance of making some coin too. Everyone loves the thrill of slot games, that brief moment when your combination comes up trumps on a spin and boom, the reward is deposited in your account. That unique rush of endorphins in your system, as well as increase in bank account is a most pleasurable feeling.

The immense number of slot games can be confusing though, so you need to settle with something that is a good fit for you, and of course has the right payouts. Not only do you have to find the right slot games, but you must also settle with a reliable online slot company that is regulated, and fair to its customers. That’s why playing slot games like Starburst on a reliable safe platform like will assure your win to spin ratio will be up to scratch.

Starburst is one of those games that will keep you enticed and coming back for more time and time again. The stunning graphics and exciting soundtrack compounds the game play, designed by gaming stalwarts NetEnt, you are guaranteed an experience that will blow your frickin’ mind.

Baked into an ultra-modern sparkling design with a classic slots theme, this slot game is a graphical explosion of colours that delights one’s visual sensibilities, almost akin to a Parisian extravaganza at the Moulin Rouge during the days of Toulouse-Lautrec, albeit without the dancing girls lifting their skirts.

Do not be dazzled however too much by over complication, the Starburst game is based on the classic one-armed bandit fruit slots, so the game is extremely easy to get the gist of.
Featuring just 10 paylines across its five reels, while the number of paylines you play on each spin is fixed, you can decide how much to wager by adjusting the Bet Level and the Coin Value via the user-friendly interface. You can play safe here and win big, and that’s good for everyone, as it caters for low minimum bets that ensures the game’s popularity.

As you might guess, the fact that Starburst allows players to use one of the lowest minimum bets you will find in the world of fixed-payline online Slots, is also one of the reasons why it is so popular, but that does not mean high rollers don’t play the game as well.

With a bonus pay off of 50,000 coins and a Return to Player (RTP) of 96.09%, Starburst is a really enticing game of chance that gives each player a viable chance of hitting that jackpot.

Talking about bonuses; you have to check out the Starburst Wilds bonus feature. Once you land a Starburst Wild on one of the three central wheels, the Starburst Wild will spread across the whole reel to cover 10 paylines triggering free spins up to five, locking into place any additional Starburst Wild symbols on each free spin, as the rules allow stacking do that the player can make multiple wins as the matching symbols cross multiple paylines. In other words, when you get a Starburst Wild symbol, fasten your seat belt for some lucrative payouts that will sate your return to player ratio.

The game’s top combo is five-of-a-kind, and don’t forget that you can line up winning pay lines from left to right, as well as in the opposite direction thus increasing your winnings almost exponentially.

Of course, Starburst is a game that not only appeals to beginners for its simplicity, and ease of use, but the more seasoned users keep coming back to this game as well because it is such a pleasing experience to play.

If you do venture into the depths of online slots, you must always of course exhibit some form of responsibility, like never bet money that you cannot afford to lose, and if you are making a string of losses, do not chase the loss, you must learn to give things a break. You can always come back later with a more objective mind set and not make irrational decisions. It’s your hard-earned cash of course, and no one should dictate what you do with your money, but a little discipline goes a long way.

As for other games, you can also explore the other slot games available exclusively at who are by far one of the most reliable, safe companies to use with a wonderful support team if you need any help.

Fruit Blast, Narcos, Diamond Strike, Cleopatra amongst many are some games that are all worth a try. Remember, if you don’t try, you will never know why or what you missed out on. Whatever your pleasure, or desire, there is a slot out there for you, and it’s your mission to find that special spinning wonder that really fits your style and sensibilities. Go for it!