Arbitrage Betting – Your Way to Success

LONDON - England - Arbitrage betting is a hugely profitable system that limits losses and increases the probability of winning all your bets.

Arbitrage Betting

Looking for a truly effective betting strategy, seeing that nearly all of them pose a major risk of losing your money? Here is the only win-win solution – arbitrage betting, a 100% guaranteed way of winning with virtually no risk.

Arb: brief description

Arb (surebet) is an arbitrage situation, which occurs due to odds difference for the opposing outcomes of the event.

When such a situation comes up, a bettor gains an advantage over a bookmaker since he always stands to profit no matter the result of the competition.

Below is a brief illustrative overview of the given strategy:

Let’s say two teams play basketball, and we have an opportunity to bet on a win of one of them (T1 or T2). Now let’s check out the bookmakers’ odds (B1 and B2):

B1: T1- 2,18; T2 – 1,63;

B2: T1 – 1,72; T2 – 2.14.

The obvious surebet is formed between T1 with B1 and T2 with B2. Simply put, if we bet $100 on both outcomes, we will profit anyway ($14 or $18):

– 100 * 2,18 = $218 in case T1 wins, 100 * 2,14 = $214 if T2 wins.

Searching for arbitrage situations

It’s possible to search for arbs manually. However, manual searching is no piece of cake but a really intense process, having dozens of betting lines analysed manually and making all the necessary calculations is not only complicated but time-consuming.

Specially customized scanners successfully used by thousands of arbers worldwide were developed a while ago to save you time and effort.

Arbitrage scanners gather data from numerous bookmakers, analyse the information obtained to detect arbitrage situations, afterwards, we receive a list of all possible arbs (surebets) that were placed.


Arbitrage betting services

Today literally one of the best arbitrage betting services is BetBurger. It collects information from over 200 bookies in over 30 kinds of sport. The data presented both in Live and Prematch modes.

Along with other pros, the scanner possesses a wide variety of functions, not to mention a hiding option, a calculator, an extension for direct navigation to bookmakers, etc.

It makes perfect sense therefore basing your bets on all the advantages. This is why BetBurger has succeeded in gaining popularity among arbers globally. As of today, 100 thousand professionals have benefited from their services.

The BetBurger surebet service also has an excellent help section with educational materials that will ensure you learn more about arbs and how to work with the scanner.

It goes without saying that arbitrage betting is a win-win strategy for a main source of income as well as for picking up extra cash.