There is a huge percentage of people worldwide that love gambling; it’s enjoyable and very lucrative that people can’t get enough of it. There are so many ways and game variations for them to choose from, and all they have to do is choose the best one; most of them tend to go to the famous slot machines. But there are several misconceptions about slot machines that it’s important to look at some of the myths and facts surrounding it.

1. Myth: The Coin’s Temperature Affects the Machine’s Payout

Some people believe that if the coin is too hot or too cold then your winnings might be higher or lower; what isn’t exactly clear is whether or not it has to be hot or cold to get the best payout.


This is far from the truth because the slot machines are just machines; these devices are not affected by how hot or cold the coin is, and it doesn’t matter if it’s an old or new coin either. The payouts are based on pure luck and are random. There is no way that a machine can be programmed to give big winnings depending on the coin’s temperature.

2. Myth: It’s Frequent for Online Gambling Platforms to Cheat

This is a misconception that is quite common, stating that online slot websites are always manipulating who can win and how many should lose. Assuming that the system needs to keep a bigger percentage of people losing so the companies can make money.


This is far from the truth. The companies that own Online Slot platforms have no power over who wins and loses; they use the RNG system that generates everything randomly, and it’s impossible to cheat with that. In addition to the fact that they would lose their license and all credibility if caught doing so. Cheating happens only if the site is being hacked, which is handled and monitored accordingly to avoid in the first place.

3. Myth: Someone Won a Jackpot from the Machine You Just Left

One of the most widespread and probably ridiculous myths is that if you had just stayed and kept playing on the machine you have been on, then it could have been you that won the jackpot. However, as soon as you leave, someone else will get your chance.


As frustrating as that is, it’s not true at all. All machines have the RNG computer chip installed in them, so whoever won was just extremely lucky, and it has nothing to do with you.

4. Myth: You Shouldn’t Use Your Slot Club Card

Some people believe that using your card would increase your losses or minimize your winnings, so you shouldn’t use it at all.


This is a false belief, and the system isn’t manipulated whether you use your card or not. In fact, you’re better off using it as you would miss out on a lot of bonuses, valuable comps, or cash backs from the casinos that you can earn through your slot card.

There will always be gamblers worldwide trying their luck at slot machines, and while the chances of getting decent winnings might be random, it can be extremely worthwhile.

Don’t pressure yourself or worry too much about the myths and falsehoods; just enjoy your time and play the games you like.