Have you ever heard of stories of people getting kicked out from casinos because of their behaviour or because they were trying to cheat the casino?

Well the truth is casinos don’t like to lose money. They are willing to give away a big chunk of their winnings to lucky players but when it comes to their profit they are making sure to safeguard it. They won’t let people take advantage of games loopholes and loose some of their profit because of that.

What does this mean?

You have probably heard of the MIT blackjack team and their card counting abilities. These guys have managed to create a whole network of players, going around casinos and taking a lot of money home every day for a few years until they finally got caught.

But today things are not so easy. Land-based and online casinos have measures in place to make sure that professional players can’t cheat them or take advantage of some games.
However, there are still some things you can do as a player to maximize your chances of making a profit and minimize the casino house edge.

Here are some of them

·1 Decide your bankroll and stick to it – Set up a Loss Limit
Whether your budget is £100 or £1000 make sure you walk out when you hit that. You don’t want or need to spend more. Chasing loses will benefit the casino long-term as you will end up losing more.

·2 Play games with high RTP ( Return to Player)
Some casino games have high RTPs and these are the games you should be sticking with. For example if you play blackjack online at bet365 live casino and follow a basic strategy, the casino house edge is down to just 0.5%. Which means more chances for you to make profit if you are also lucky.

·3 Have a Profit target
Just like the bankroll limit, you will need to have a profit limit as well. Casinos are making money in the long run from players. A Player might be lucky enough for the first hour of play and hit a few roulette numbers, or amazing blackjack cards. But as you continue playing the house edge factor comes into the equation.

This is why you need profit limits. If you have a profit limit of £100 and you hit that within the first 15 mins of play, great! Take the money and run and come back another time for some more.