Browser Slot Games and Video Slots Are the Same and That’s It!

LAS VEGAS - USA - There is very little difference between classic slot machines and the digital variety so prevalent today in casinos online and offline.

There are two camps to the issue as to whether browser and video slots are the same. The people who claim that they are different say that browser games do not need a hardware while video ones require a specific hardware. If you play in online casinos like Fiz Casino, you will observe that they also offer video slots. And yet you can play them on a browser. So what is the difference between the two?

The Old and New Slot Machines

Many people know how the old slots worked. The classic machines are the product of manual engineering. They operated on an elaborate connection of gears, wires, and levers. The drum is connected to a shaft, and the shaft is connected to a lever that has a recoil. Pulling the lever turns the shaft, which is connected to a spring, and the reels spin. There is a braking system inside the machine that reduces the speed of the reels, causing them to stop. If you got a winning combination, the sensors communicate to the payout bin and it releases your prize.

Video slots are the ones you see lined up in a casino. These things have grandiose designs, lots of lights, and most importantly, a digital box. Although they still have the traditional levers, these machines are 100% digital. This means that there are no gears and cranks that operate the reels. The levers are just for show. Many machines today no longer have the lever. They were replaced by a button.

The outcome of a manual slot is determined by the reels whereas the outcome of a modern slot machine is controlled by a computer program.

The Requirements for a Video Slot

The hardware requirements for the old machines are wood and metal. But we will focus our attention on how digital slot machines operate. The following are integral for a modern slot machine.

  • Processor (CPU) – any computer needs a processor. This is the part of the system that runs the program. It sends and receives signals from a computer’s different components. Your cell phone, your laptop, and your tablet have a processor. Every task that you do goes through it. This is why the processor is called the central processing unit or the brain of the computer.


  • Graphics Processor – to lighten the load of the processor, video slots need a graphics processor. As the term implies, this unit’s job is to process information, or data, that has something to do with the display. Computers communicate through a system of numbered languages. Because of the speed, it requires to convert this computer language into something visible, like a picture or a video, there is a need for a dedicated processor to focus on this task. This ensures that when the user hits a command, the CPU processes that command while the graphics processor processes anything that involves colour, shape, and text.


  • Memory – the complete name for this is Random Access Memory. Its function is to store information temporarily. The best example to demonstrate this is when you open an application, like slots. All the images and processes are temporarily stored here. When the CPU needs that information, it only needs to pull it from the memory, not the storage unit or hard drive. Pulling information from the hard drive requires more time. Therefore, the bigger the memory capacity, the faster the computer can load and process an application.

Software – this is the program that tells the computer what to do. It is designed for multiple or specific tasks. An example is a word processor where you can write a novel or create banners. In slots, the software is what tells the computer to show the images in the different reels. It is also the application that tells the computer to show a spinning reel. Everything that a computer does that the user can see and command runs on a software.

The Verdict

So, are video slots and browser slots one and the same? The answer is yes. Your computer has all the parts that a video slot machine has. The lights, the design, the button or lever are nothing more than superficial peripherals. The slot machine in your browser will run without them.

So what is the difference? The difference is simple. Your computer does not have the slot machine software in it. The slot runs from the online casino’s servers. However, they will not run without a person like you controlling them. And you do this through your browser.

In addition, browser slot games run with the same principle as video slots. They all use a program called Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that the results of the spin are truly random. If there is another difference worthy of naming, browser slot games are not regulated by gambling authorities, unless if they are run by a legitimate casino.