It’s easier than ever to make your own horse racing tips with the selection of races being covered by bookmaker websites and apps. Most passionate sports fans will choose to bet on what they’re predicting with hopes of making a profit. Regardless of which sport you prefer to bet on, it’s hard to ignore horse racing with it being recognised as one of the most popular betting sports.

Most horse tips are built on either backing a horse to win or to place, with each variation having its own pros and cons that need to be assessed before staking any of your own money. By backing to win, you’ll be able to take the strongest price from your chosen horse winning. Getting behind a horse to place assures a smaller amount of returns if your horse finishes in the top few places of the race, guaranteeing something even if your horse is unable to win outright.

By following a few simple rules, you’ll be able to heighten your bet’s chances of winning. It’s worth taking these extra steps before offering out any of your own horse tips as it will not only strengthen your bet but also potentially increase the winnings you could get if the bet lands in your favour.

Finding horse tips to bet on

The internet is packed full of places where you’ll find reliable horse racing tips. All of the good ones are picked in a way that makes use of statistics and form rather than randomly picking nags at random, and they’re all free horse tips, so it’s hard to not at least shop around before placing a bet on the sport. You need to be careful when looking at these horse racing betting websites, as not all of them put in the effort they should to provide visitors with worthwhile bets, but it’s easy to pick out a good one based on their track record and following.

You’re able to make just as strong horse tips if you put in the same effort as experienced betting websites. All you need to do is look into the horse you’re considering betting on, checking how capable they are in winning the race you’re backing them to finish first in. Another factor is how capable other horses in the race are, especially in the instance where it turns out that there’s another horse that holds a stronger record in the type of race you’re placing money on.