Collapsing into Collapsology

MOSCOW - Russia - Collapsology is a short fashion film from director Daria Geller, that truly inspires a dark tempting theme.

One rarely gets a glimpse into the machinations of the concept of collapsing, the intermittent process of deconstruction or the faltering shaky atmosphere before it all ends with a big thud on the sofa of eternity.

The atmospherics of Daria Geller, an upcoming director of photography and filmographer, are all too apparent with her new fashion video entitled Collapsology.

The cinematography is borne from the lens of this talented Russian beauty, who now resides in Israel and Paris, a powerful mix of destinations to formulate her art.

Shaking, rhythmic camera sweeps, and lens filters bring forth a torrent of uneasy motion as the dim lodgings of decaying post-Soviet Russia come into view.

Watching the video, there is a touch of Danny Boyle, Trainspotting going on, and maybe some Abel Ferrara added into the mix. We’re not sure what type of fashion item this video could sell, but its style is most certainly within the expensive perfume niche.

One can imagine a Parisienne lady enchanted by the dramatics in the video, instantly going to her local perfumerie to slap on the scent of Collapsology against her delicate silken pale neck, as long as there is no Novichok involved..(bad joke).

What does this video say about Russian, English relationships, yes they are fiery, but as the acting collapses into bitter words from the Russian model, the English model collapses with resignation back into her arms? It is clearly a love hate relationship, and the confused overlapping dialogue suggests that collapsing is sometimes bad, and good at the same time.