Virtual reality and 3D technologies are just a couple of the cutting edge wonders that gamers all around the world can fully enjoy today. These spectacular game improvements allow players to fully emerge in their favourite games and bid goodbye to the nail-biting and almost cringe worthy pixels that used to be a big things a few years ago. We are now looking at an industry worth billions of dollars where realistic 3D images and graphics are no longer a surprise to anyone.

Gaming on the go is also turning into a successful option for passionate players and gamblers alike, given the tens of thousands of gaming apps that can be installed on smartphones and tablets. Not to mention the craze that VR headsets has created in recent years! Millennials seem to prefer to create their own virtual reality and experience it through the tiny, robotic glasses, rather than stick their noses out of their homes and take a fresh breath of air for a chance.

You might be wondering what does the future hold for us in terms of gaming technologies? Let’s find out together!

virtual reality

2020 – No Longer A Sci-Fi Scenario

The year 2020 is almost around the corner – do you remember Sci-Fi movies that portrayed what the year 2000 would look like? Movie directors used to dream of flying spaceships and cars talking robots and a cleaner and greener planet. The year 2020 also sounds like such a far-fetched concept to some of us, yet it is just around the corner. Still, nowhere near the flying cars we would all love to see. Except for Elon Musk’s Spare X Starman he sent into space not a long while ago. It’s not exactly a gaming technology of the future, but it is definitely a way of playing with money. “It’s kind of silly and fun”, as Musk himself stated. For a man with a breathtaking estate, we’re sure it was all worth it.

What about the gaming technology?

Can the latest predictions really come true or will they once again leave passionate gamers in tears? Well, maybe not exactly tears, maybe some carpal tunnel and back pain. Experts claim technology tied to video games will keep evolving and developing in 2020. We are expected to see the following in just a few months:

  • Photorealistic game graphics and even more immersive VR gameplay. At the moment, we cannot truly talk about high quality, non-cartoonish virtual reality graphic part of the games on the market. Gaming developers in the video gaming or gambling industries alike have expressed their interests for incorporating more advanced VR technologies in their products in the near future. They promise higher and deeper levels of immersion and more photorealistic graphics. We’ve already witnessed them in some console or computer games, and we can say we are looking forward to some more VR experiments. Free play casinos featuring VR gameplay are a fun idea. Who wouldn’t want to witness realistic dealers sitting behind a roulette table, spinning the wheels in front of them and make it feel like they were inside a real land casino? Let’s cross our fingers for that.


  • VR experts also promise headsets that can render 3D graphics that will realistically and perfectly imitate real-life, so we may have to invest in those as well. For a passionate gambler who spends a few hours a day in front of a computer playing casino the old, traditional way (online), this may just be a God-send.


  • Cloud gaming may also be a part of the 2020 timeframe, given the increased importance of cloud computing technologies. In other words, we can expect to play a game from any device using an internet connection, similarly to the way you can stream your videos. Say goodbye to obsolete and pesky updates and say hello to potentially small game prices. Don’t own a game console? This technology promises to make this issue go away completely, so it’s worth looking into. That and more face recognition technologies can make gaming simpler and smoother.


  • Augmented reality technologies also promise to be a thing in 2020 and above. The Pokemon Go craze we’ve all witnessed all around the world is probably not something to be looking forward to again, given the stupid accidents that have put so many people at risk of accidents or worse. However, we suspect it is inevitable for it to come back better and more powerful than ever. We’re just crossing our fingers for a less tripping and falling, red light crossing wall head bumping phenomenon.