Aerial panorama of Stockholm, Sweden


STOCKHOLM - Sweden - Misaki Tsuchiyama, creative strategist at INGO advertising agency, reveals the wonderful spaces of this amazing city to bring out your creativity.
children of the eu

European Election Results Prove That Communism is Rife in UK

LONDON - England - Despite the conclusive win by the Brexit Party during the European elections, communism is still rife in the UK as evidenced by Remoaner voters.

Change UK Anna Soubry Celebrates Election Triumph of Winning No Seats

LONDON - England - Spokesman for the anti-democracy Change UK party, Anna Soubry today joyously proclaimed victory in the European elections by not winning one single seat.
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Ideas That Will Help You Increase Your Wealth

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Earning money is important, but it is important to secure your future by investing to grow your wealth. Here are some great tips to help you secure a solid base.

Auntie Ann Widdecombe Coming to Brussels to Breathe Down Juncker’s Neck

BATH - England - Auntie Ann Widdecombe is coming to Brussels to breathe down Juncker's scrawny neck after being voted in as an MEP for the Brexit party.
spice girls cash in

Spice Girls 450th ‘Zimmer Zimmer Ah’ Cash-in Tour

MANCHESTER - England - It's time for another bank account refill, so the Spice Girls are out on another tour to cash in more money.
london BRINO riots Soft Brexit

Can the Tories Be Trusted Ever Again After Trying to Subvert Democracy?

LONDON - England - In a land where democracy has been subverted and destroyed, can anyone ever trust the Tories or any party ever again?
High Treason Tower of London

Confused Theresa May Mixed Up the Words ‘Compromise’ and ‘Surrender’

LONDON - England - Theresa May's out of touch fabricated last speech sums up her premiership of loss and failure.
theresa may head brexit

The Deluded Witch is Dead

LONDON - England - Theresa May has finally got the message that she should resign as prime minister of Britain.
theresa may barricade

Squatter Refuses to Leave Number 10

LONDON - England - Number 10 Downing street has been taken over by a wailing squatter, Westminster Council have reported.