Daily Squib Summer Prize – 1000s Free Holidays to Baltimore, USA

BALTIMORE - USA - The DS is giving away 1000s of free holidays to our lucky readers in a beautiful American city.
gba em front

A Step By Step Guide To Installing GBA Emulation

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - Emulating Gameboy Advance roms on your PC needs some preparation. Here is a step by step guide to installing GBA emulation.

World’s First Ever Human-Monkey Hybrid Grown in Lab in China

BEIJING - China - Scientists from Spain have successfully formed a hybrid human-monkey creature in a lab for the very first time in history.
prince harry meghan markle carbon emissions

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reveal How They Will Reduce Carbon Emissions

SICILY - Italy - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have revealed how they plan to reduce their carbon emissions by flying around the globe in their taxpayer paid private jet bringing awareness to ordinary people.

Palace Insider: Meghan Markle Wanted to Teach Queen How to Twerk

WINDSOR - England - In true Meghan Markle style, the celebrity royal has been teaching a few of the royal ladies how to twerk.
Boris Johnson 10 Downing Street

Boris Jokes About Staying in Customs Union and Single Market For Another Two Years

LONDON - England - Less than a week in office with grand promises of leaving the EU on October 31, Boris Johnson, is now saying the opposite.
hong kong protestvideo

West Silent As Hong Kong Fights For Its Democracy

HONG KONG - While the citizens protest the loss of their freedom and democracy to the ever encroaching communist regime of China, the West watches silently and does nothing.
Nigel Farage

Boris Must Not Forget Farage

LONDON - England - If it were not for the threat of the Brexit party run by Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson would not have walked through Number 10 yesterday.

Polls: Majority Remainers Do Not Know Why They Back EU

LONDON - England - The latest polls reveal a fascinating insight into why people are supporting remaining in the EU, and how superficial many of the reasons are.
boris johnson number 10 downing street

Boris Johnson ‘Who Dares Wins’ Attitude Breath of Fresh Air But is it Enough?

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson has become Britain's next Prime Minister, and is bringing back a Can Do attitude to a defeatist Theresa May regime of failure.