Gove illegal drug use cocaine

Disgraceful Coked Up Tory MPs Parade Their Illegal Drug Use

LONDON - England - Do we really want to know lurid details about Class-A illegal drug use by Tory MPs vying to be the next prime minister of Britain?

Forex Market Spikes: How to Keep Your Investments Safe

LONDON - England - There's nothing worse trading FOREX and a market spike caused by a news event hits your stop loss taking you out of your position. Here are some useful tips to keep you trading within the bounds.
cricket-kevin pieterson

The Sporting Summer: Reasons to Remain Unhealthy and Stay Indoors

LONDON - England - This summer promises to be an extravaganza sporting season, so break out the popcorn and beer.

Experts: Biased Socialist Censorship is Regressive – Instead People Should Have Choice to Not...

NORMANDY - France - On the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings the censorship obsessed West now has less freedom of speech than before.
corbyn squirrel1

Squirrel Nibbles Corbyn Testicle During Trump Protest Speech

LONDON - England - Labour leader and former Soviet spy, Jeremy Corbyn was involved in an unfortunate accident during his speech at the Trump protest.

Britain Will Never Forget America’s Sacrifice on D-Day

NORMANDY - France - The 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings will be celebrated across Europe this week.
hail Caesar Donald Trumpvideo

Hail Caesar! Donald Trump Visits Britain

LONDON - England - The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has arrived in the UK today on a three day state visit.
betting horses

How to Be Successful in the Betting Game

LAS VEGAS - USA - Long-term success in the betting game requires many variables. We outline some of the skills and knowledge which will come in useful.
stalin theresa may2

Vindictive Theresa May Bans President of the United States Trump From Meeting Farage

LONDON - England - Outgoing PM Theresa May has banned the President of the United States, Donald Trump from meeting Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage during an official visit.

Is John Cleese Racist For Stating that London is Not an English City Anymore?...

LONDON - England - Is London an English city anymore? John Cleese, the Fawlty Python seems to think so. We investigated this phenomenon ourselves.