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War is Only Way Trump Can Win Election

GETTYSBURG - USA - Trump's chances of getting another four years as president in November's election are declining each day...unless..
William Hogarth-Gin-lane

Ode to Hogarth: The End of Social Distancing Pubs Open

GIN LANE - England - The 18th century satirist, William Hogarth would have recognised the scenes last night when social distancing ended and the pubs re-opened.
prince andrew prison

Prince Andrew Being Coached On How to Survive Prison

RIKERS ISLAND - USA - Prince Andrew is currently being coached by prison ex convicts and aides on how to survive a long stretch in an American prison.
Coronavirus COVID-19-map-virus-southampton university

COVID-19 Cases Increasing Exponentially as Businesses and Schools Re-Open

LONDON - England - COVID-19 virus cases will increase at an exponential level once schools and businesses re-open.
chChinese communist army BLMvideo

BLM Campaign Failure: Are Black People More Hated Now Than Before Riots?

LONDON - England - The BLM and ANTIFA Marxist riots may have damaged relations between blacks and whites irreparably. Could this be part of the greater plan?

Oh Dear, Seattle CHOP Gets the CHOP!

SEATTLE - USA - The Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) autonomous zone has finally been given the chop.

Black Lives Matter More Than Others

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - Black Lives Matter More Than Other Lives, even if you are another minority, and you die in police custody, your life does not matter as much as black lives matter.
Businessman layoffs


LONDON - England - The economic fallout of the COVID-19 outbreak has provoked layoffs and left freelancers without clients. We asked Uzma Afridi of the UK’s National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS) for advice.
Cancel Culture Media Censorship

Should Humans Be Forced to Like Things or People They Don’t Like?

LONDON - England - Freedom of speech is once again being curtailed by mass censorship and Cancel Culture, aligning the West with Communist China.

CoronAmerica Virus Nightmare Continues

FLORIDA - USA - The CoronAmerica virus continues to infect millions daily unabated, as a feeling of apathy and denial pervades the nation.