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Political Exhaustion Does Not Mean MPs Should Accept May’s Bad Deal

LONDON - England - Theresa May is seeking to extend Brexit to present her horrid capitulation deal to MPs for a third time. It is imperative that the bad deal is not voted for again.
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Please Someone or Something Stop This Theresa May Fiasco

LONDON - England - Enough is enough, even the Tory hierarchy who have been keeping this loser in place have to see the light, Theresa May has to go.

Brexit Direct Action – Trucks to Blockade All Major UK Motorways

UK - Brexit Direct Action is a group that plans to blockade all major motorway routes across the country if Article 50 exit on March 29 is delayed and Brexit effectively cancelled.
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Classy Duchess Meghan Visits Graveyard in Grimsby

GRIMSBY - England - The celebrity couple Meghan and Harry were today visiting a graveyard and youth centre in the delightful northern town.
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URGENT Communique: We MUST Restore Democracy in Parliament Again

LONDON - England - Rogue MPs have bypassed the democratic vote of the people, and Britain is now in a constitutional crisis. We must restore democracy in parliament.
death island

TV Producers: ‘Love Island’ to be Renamed ‘Death Island’

DEATH ISLAND - Somewhere in the depths of the TV ocean lies an island where death, not love is realised for mass reality entertainment.

Une Ode à Emmanuel Macron – Gilets Jaunes – Acte XVIII

PARIS - France - The Champs Elysee was party to some Gilets Jaunes violence once again, this time targeting celebrity restaurants and expensive shops.

MPs Now Pushed Towards Two Choices – Stay in EU by Revoking Article 50...

LONDON - England - With a third vote looming trying to force MPs to vote for Theresa May's bad deal, MPs are being pushed to either revoke Article 50 and stay in the EU or accept May's bad deal and stay in the EU.
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Thanks to Facebook Live Streaming – New Zealand Massacre All Over Internet Now

CHRISTCHURCH - New Zealand - Thanks to social networks like Facebook, livestreaming massacres spread far and wide across the internet.

The Time of Nihilism is Upon Us

CHRISTCHURCH - New Zealand - On the day of a mass killing of over 40 Muslim worshippers by a lone gunman, we analyse the variables that create the nihilism on display.