nwo globalism

Globalism Update: We’ve Got Four Years Work to Catch Up

BEIJING - China - After four years of Trump, globalism has a lot of catching up to do. Hail the new era of Chinese supremacy.

The Joy of Living in Today’s Internet Gulag

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Comrades, you must all speak and think the same in today's internet gulag hive mind or be cancelled.
vote with your feet

If Your Vote Doesn’t Count Any More – Vote With Your Feet

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The bullies took away your vote, took away your voice -- you can vote with your feet.
last stand at the alamo

Last Stand at the Alamo

THE ALAMO - Texas - The last stand was valiant but not enough to repel the opposition forces.
Grunge American flag

America Needs a New Party Representing Real Americans

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - America needs a new national party that actually represents the people.
vote democrat 2020 pollsters

Eight Days to Save the Republic

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - This is an emergency Broadcast! There are only eight days left to save the Republic.
Captol Building

BREAKING: Trump Declares National Emergency

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The President, Donald J. Trump has declared a national emergency.
evil big tech

Banning the Voice of Half a Nation Only Creates More Hatred and Discord

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Greedy, power mad Big Tech monopolies create more hatred and discord by banning the voices of millions of people.

Whatever Happened to America’s Truckers?

MIDWEST - USA - The truckers are the backbone of America. Without them, nothing would be delivered anywhere.
Trump Swamp

The Swamp Takes Trump

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - One man tried to fight the Swamp, he died. Donald J. Trump is now part of the Swamp he tried to defeat.