theresa may dancer

Theresa May Plans to Win Over EU — By Dancing

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Theresa May is planning to wow her masters in the EU by dancing thus making them agree to a Brexit deal.
Bunny boiler EU

If the EU Was a Girlfriend She Would Be a Bunny Boiler

LONDON - England - If the un-democratic EU were a girlfriend it would be a Bunny Boiler.
rude phone

Being Vulgar and Rude Considered Polite in Millennium

LONDON - England - In the millennial era, it is now considered polite behaviour to be rude to someone.

Big Stars to Attend Rupaul’s ‘When We All Don’t Vote’ Rally

LAS VEGAS - USA - The 'When We All Don't Vote' will kick off this weekend headlined by superstar Rupaul.
Theresa_May Brexit

Theresa May: “I Am the Chequers Plan, and It is Me!”

LONDON - England - Theresa May has defiantly stated that the EU drafted Chequers Plan is all there is, and there is nothing Brexiteers can do to stop it.
mark tungate epica awards

Epica Awards Maestro Mark Tungate – An Interview With Creative Insight

PARIS - France - The Epica Awards, an annual creative tour de force showcasing International advertising excellence is headed by Mark Tungate. Read the interview.

Jacob Rees-Blogg – Episode One

SOMERSET - England - JRM now has his own blog, endearingly entitled the Jacob Rees-Blogg. Do read it.
elite dangerous

Elite – The Best Game in Gaming History

CAMBRIDGE - England - Elite, the original game and concept now lives on as Elite Dangerous, and is no doubt the forerunner and pioneer of open world space games.

Amazon Workers to Have Wheels Embedded in Their Feet

SEATTLE - USA - Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, is unveiling a revolutionary system to increase efficiency with human warehouse staff.

Bank Governor Carney: “No Deal Brexit Locust Swarms, Hellfire, Rivers of Blood and House...

LONDON -England - Bank governor, Mark Carney has explained what will happen to Britain in a No Deal Brexit scenario.