bezos robot android

Newly Unveiled Android Robot Can Make You Billions of Dollars

UTAH - USA - A newly unveiled robot by a Salt Lake City based company guarantees to make its owner a billionaire.

Experts: Big Technological Shift Coming Soon

LONDON - England - The biological part of humans will be totally synthesised and understood by future technology and subsequently superseded by technology.
socialists feminist trigger hysterics

No More Lads Stuff – Prince Harry Doomed As Meghan Declares Feminist SJW Agenda

KENSINGTON - England - Poor Prince Harry has been tricked into marrying a politically correct SJW feminist activist, Meghan Markle.
minstrel-show-1858-granger - royal family

How the Royal Family Were Regaled By Minstrel Show and Exotic Gospel Reverend

WINDSOR - England - The royal wedding between Meghan and Harry has come and gone, however it has left a rather sour taste in the mouth of many who are aware of the past and present royal family.
Donkey Britain Brexit

Brexit: “Screw Ireland Build 200 Foot High Border Wall”

LONDON - England - No one should be dictating to Britain about anything, let alone a zone of the EU which has been defeated by Brussels surrendering their sovereignty completely, namely Ireland.

Russell Brand’s Claim That He Took Meghan Markle ‘Up the Greek’ Met With Outrage

BRISTOL - England - Former comedian and actor, Russell Brand has claimed in a TV show that he took Meghan Markle 'up the Greek'.
trump and meghan windsor castle wedding

Royal Wedding: Donald Trump Says He Wants to Walk Meghan Down the Aisle

WINDSOR - England - President Donald Trump is willing to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle in the absence of her father.
bushmeat africa ebola

Ebola Spreads Again – Africans Love Their Bushmeat

KINSHASA - Congo - One would have thought that things may have changed since the last outbreak of Ebola, but sadly they have not.

World Cup 2018 Russian Festival of Brutal Violence a Death Sentence

MOSCOW - Russia - The upcoming World Cup will be a serious test for England fans as the Russian Ultras have been training hard all year round for this event.
The robots

Man: “Latest Boston Dynamics Robots Scare the Shit Outta Me”

BOSTON - USA - The reaction to the latest robots from Boston Dynamics has been quite overwhelming for some people.