Boris turning into jeremy corbyn

NI TAX: Why is Boris Johnson Turning into Jeremy Corbyn?

LONDON - England - Is Boris Johnson turning into Jeremy Corbyn? What happened to Brexit? Why are the Tories reneging on their Manifesto tax pledges?
jeff bezos rejuvenation altos labs

Jeff Bezos and His Age Rejuvenation Startup

LOS ALTOS - USA - Multi-billionaire, Jeff Bezos, is trying to cheat death by financing an anti-ageing startup focusing on rejuvenation of human cells.
sissy men k-pop ccp

Preparing For War: China’s Ban on “Sissy Men”

BEIJING - China - "Sissy Men" akin to Korean K-Pop stars are a role model for many young Chinese men, however the Communist Party wants Chinese boys to be masculine and strong.
Illegal migrants beach

Holidaymakers Find Way to Avoid 5-Hour Heathrow Delays Into Britain

LONDON - England - Innovative holidaymakers returning to Britain have found a way to avoid the 5-hour queues at Heathrow Airport.
sports tech football stadium

Sports Tech is One of the World’s Fastest Growing Industries

LONDON - England - Sports tech in the world of sports has increased at an almost exponential rate, some say this effect is a true game-changer.
Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew Just Needs to Hold Out Till December 7th

WINDSOR - England - Prince Andrew must hold out until December 7 before the lawsuit against him is thrown out of court.
Teachers COVID-19 Schools re-open

Fresh Term, Fresh Covid Infections: As Children Across the UK Return to School

LONDON - England - Schools returning will see an exponential increase in Covid infections, and hospitalisations will increase.
lucifer ww3

Pike’s Ode to Lucifer Mirror Our Times Now

JERUSALEM - Israel - Apparently, Freemason Sovereign Grand Commander, Albert Pike's ode to Lucifer, written in 1871, predicted accurately our times.
Afghanistan new Taliban Terrorist beginning

This is Not the End of Afghanistan But the Beginning

LONDON - England - As the media and Biden administration hails the departure of U.S. forces as the 'end of Afghanistan', they cannot be more wrong -- this is the beginning.
Joe Biden Cockroach Rescue

Cockroach Evacuated From Afghanistan Given Pride of Place at White House

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The famous cockroach successfully evacuated from Kabul, Afghanistan has arrived safely at the White House at the request of Joe Biden.