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Political Satire: Daily Squib Podcast Announcement

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib editor will be publishing a weekly podcast of exclusive content, articles and music.
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Socialism is Not One Step Away From Communism

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Socialism is not one step away from communism, but two steps away.
Eat Insects

BBC Mourns Loss of EU Directive Forcing Us to Eat Insects

LONDON - England - According to the BBC, Brexit is a tragedy because we won't be forced to eat insects by the EU.
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Doubleplus Woke Announcement: Chocorat Increase by 25 grams

Woke Directive 37634-c chocorat increase announcement by Inner Party and Woke Web Monopoly Ministry.
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FBI to Change Name to ‘Democrat Bureau of Investigations’

FLORIDA - USA - The White House announced the name change of the former FBI today.
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Beyond Satire Episode IX

LONDON - England - An occasional column outlining Beyond Satire instances that may or may not bemuse you.

Slick Sunak Redistributes Supplies From Grimsby Food Bank to Tunbridge Wells

TUNBRIDGE WELLS - England - Tory leader hopeful, Slick Sunak created an outrage storm with his new levelling up trick.
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Woke Directive 43725-a Demands Ban of All Humour by 2023

SILICON VALLEY - USA - All forms of humour will be banned by the year 2023, the Office of Woke Censorship has revealed.
Evening Kabul

No DNA Evidence Biden Killed Defunct Terror Group Leader

KABUL - Afghanistan - The Biden administration claims to have offed the defunct Al-Qaeda terror organisation's leader.
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Brass Balls Pelosi or Taunting China For War Crazy?

TAIPEI - Taiwan - Nancy Pelosi has arrived in the country provoking a furious response from the communist Chinese government.
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Giving 110% Actionable Ideation Core Competency Corporate Solutioneering Learnings For 2022

LONDON - England - Frictionless due diligence in today’s corporate world is essential to organic growth and company synergy.