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Desperate Theresa May Doing the Brussels Rounds Again

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Once again, Theresa May has gone to the EU to beg desperately with her masters for a reprieve to her Irish backstop mess.
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Espionage Experts: Google China Search Engine Data Will Go Straight to CIA/NSA

VIRGINIA - USA - The Google search engine in China will afford intelligence agencies a perfect window for gathering of crucial data about the regime and its people.
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Every Vote For Theresa May is a Vote For Her Chequers BRINO Deal

LONDON - England - If the Tories cannot remove Theresa May, then it will have to be a general election.
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Gift That Keeps Giving: Labour Hoping the Tories Keep May

LONDON - England - By keeping Theresa May, the Tories will lose millions of grassroots voters, and Brexiteers who will never vote Tory again. This is what Labour is hoping for in the next general election.
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Anything is Better Than Theresa May and Philip Hammond

LONDON - England - With a vote of no confidence in Theresa May's leadership looming, Brexiteers are praying they are given a lifeline with her ousting.
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Dodgy Theresa – Would You Buy a Used Car From Her?

BRACKNELL - England - Would you ever buy a used car from Dodgy Theresa? Here is a brief glimpse into her dodgy world of selling used cars.
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Worried Number 10 Aides “Theresa May is Turning Yellow”

LONDON - England - Cowardly PM Theresa May has postponed a vote on her BRINO deal purely to stay in power as she damages her party and country.

Please Read This – We Want to Help You Break Away From Your SmartPhone

LONDON - England - Breaking away from the hive mind and smartphone control is never easy. We want to help you break away from the digital prison that now enslaves you.
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Theresa May to Conduct Mass Debate on TV

LONDON - England - the PM, Theresa May will have a mass debate live on TV, this Saturday at 9 pm.
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Tumblr Against Nudity: Saying ‘No’ to the Female Form

CALIFORNIA - USA - Once upon a time Tumblr used to be a free and liberal place to post on your blog. Now things have suddenly changed into a puritanical hell hole where totalitarian censors are erasing anything with nudity or risque subject matter.