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This is Not About Brexit Any More, it is About Democracy

LONDON - England - The fight that is currently going on in British politics is not about Brexit any more, this is about the UK keeping its democracy from anti-democratic remainers.
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Haw Haw Hammond and 20 Saboteur Tories Collaborate With Corbyn Bolshevik Coup

LONDON - England - Twenty Tory MPs are collaborating with Jeremy Corbyn to stop Brexit, led by arch remainer henchman Philip Hammond.
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Neutral Speaker John Bercow Vows to Block Brexit – ‘I will fight with every...

LONDON - England - The politically neutral, unbiased, Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow explains why he will do his best to stop the democratically mandated Brexit.
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China Preparing to Make Hong Kong the Next Tibet

HONG KONG - As Chinese tanks and troops build up on the border preparing to move in, it seems history repeats itself, and Hong Kong will end up like Tibet.

Lights Out!

NEW YORK - USA - For Jeffrey Epstein, it was lights out, and a huge sigh of relief for many individuals who were about to have their dirty laundry dredged through the courts and newspapers.
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Experts: How the Obstinate EU Shot Itself In the Foot

LONDON - England - The European Union is a direct threat to world peace, an empire that has to expand constantly to survive, will cause war and pestilence in Western Europe, as it continues to deny the UK its right to leave.
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Global Warming: Farting Kenyan Councillor Arrested For Excessive Methane Emissions

NYANZA PROVINCE - Kenya - A councillor has been arrested and detained for polluting a debate chamber with excessive methane emissions from a fart, it has been reported.
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Bishop Proposes Working Brothel to Entice People into Cathedral

ROCHESTER - England - After a series of failed attempts to entice people into the cathedral, the Bishop is proposing brothels.
The Queen

October 31: Quite Right to Stop the Commies Knocking On the Queen’s Door

LONDON - England - The Remain faction, in their fervour to halt democracy and Brexit are threatening to bother the Queen with their grievances over Brexit happening on October 31.

The Pound Will Soar as Britain Breaks Away From EU Prison

LONDON - England - The GBP currency is severely oversold, as the power of the British economy will unleash a severe increase in fortune for the ones who position themselves to profit.