brennan_obama cia

Former CIA Director Brennan Cleared For Clandestine Suicide Mission in Siberia

VIRGINIA - USA - After having his CIA security clearance revoked by Trump, a surprised John Brennan, has been offered a special mission deep in Russian territory.
Trump eco electric chair

Trump Tries Out Eco Electric Chair to Promote Exiting Climate Change Accord

NOTTINGHAM - England - President Donald Trump has been invited to try out an eco powered electric chair to promote climate change.
trump finger

Is There Anyone Who Hasn’t Taped Trump Behind His Back?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The search is on to find someone who has not recorded President Donald Trump without his knowledge.
london tour bus

New London Tour Buses Praised by Labour Mayor

LONDON - England - The capital's mayor, Sadiq Khan has praised the introduction of specially armoured tour buses.
liam gallagher bananas

Liam Gallagher Stops Gig to Give Away Some Bananas

BURROS - Spain - Pop singer, Liam Gallagher sang at a Spanish music festival and gave away some of his bananas to the attending crowd.
wet fish theresa may

Theresa May Counting Days Till She Has Permanent Vacation

LONDON - England - The PM, Theresa May is eagerly counting the days until she has a permanent vacation.
the quiet internet

Internet Suddenly Really Quiet Without Ranting Maniac

LONDON - England - The internet is suddenly very calm and quiet since a certain website was practically erased from the noosphere.
monopoly tech soviet companies censorship

New Sovietized Internet Where No One Can Speak Freely

LONDON - England - There is a new climate of fear in the internet as monopoly tech companies purge and censor massive swathes of websites utilising Soviet censorship techniques.
burqa woman

In Defence of Boris Johnson – Burqa Not Mentioned Once in Quran

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson is now being investigated for his comments on women wearing the Burqa.
epica awards black1

Epica Awards 2018 Call For Creative Advertising Entries

LONDON - England - The Epica Awards 2018 is now calling for entries. The prestigious awards will showcase creative talent in advertising from all over the world.