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Election 2019: This is a Sad Day For Communism

LONDON - England - It is a sad day for communism today as Labour have lost the election under their erstwhile leader, Jeremy Corbyn.
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Squeaky Bum Time: If Boris Loses This We’re All Fucked

LONDON - England - As the election nears, the voters will decide the future of Britain once and for all. Will it be Boris success, and economic riches, or suicide by Corbyn, with communist disaster?
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EXODUS: Millions Businesses and Entrepreneurs Getting Ready to Leave UK If Communist Labour Wins

LONDON - England - Businesses and entrepreneurs and trillions of pounds will leave the UK if the communist Labour are elected.
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Experts: Labour Policy of Unfettered Mass Migration Cause of NHS No Beds

LEEDS - England - A photo of a sick boy sleeping in an NHS hospital corridor cynically touted by Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn is a direct cause of the previous Labour government's migratory policy.
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Tips on How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree This Year

LONDON - England - It's that time of year again, when everyone gets their Christmas trees out, decorating them in seasonal cheer.

Bankrupt Former Celebrity Katie Price Reduced to £20 Jobs

LONDON - England - Former celebrity model, Katie Price may have fallen on hard times, but she is defiant and determined to get through her troubles.
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Man Arrested For Making Monkey Sounds

MANCHESTER - England - A man was arrested in the city on Saturday after impersonating a monkey sound.
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Palace Officials: “Meghan Going Crazy Whilst Out of Limelight”

WINDSOR - England - Palace rumours are filtering through that six weeks away from media attention is taking its toll on Meghan Markle.
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Leaked NHS Documents From Russia Being Peddled by Agent Cob Comrade Corbyn

LONDON - England - Comrade Corbyn, formerly known as Agent Cob, Soviet spy, has been peddling misinformation regarding the NHS to alter and interfere with the upcoming British elections.
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Microphones These Days Are Way Too Powerful

LONDON - England - Microphones can pick up conversations from afar, much to the distress of some NATO delegates.