boris johnson number 10 downing street

Multiple Attacks Simply Being Deflected by Teflon BoJo

LONDON - England - Despite being attacked from multiple angles from an assorted foe, BoJo seems to be made from Teflon.
net zero

Net Zero: Putting All One’s Eggs in One Basket

LONDON - England - The government commitment to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 may leave the UK open to attack.
nuclear war iran

War With Russia is Counterproductive to Western Interests

LONDON - England - War with Russia is a very dangerous prospect for the West, especially if it escalates to nuclear confrontation.
russia bear ww3

The EU Claims It Created Peace in Europe But Reality Sees Bloc Agitating Russia

BRUSSELS - EU - The EU has always claimed its construction created peace in Europe, however imminent war with Russia proves the contrary.
french foreign legion

BREAKING: Prince Andrew to Join Foreign Legion

AUBAGNE - France - Former royal, Prince Andrew is said to be considering joining the French Foreign Legion as a way of avoiding the upcoming court case involving sex with Virginia Giuffre when she was 17.
biden nuke

Top Generals Have to Constantly Stop Deranged Biden Pressing Nuke Button

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe Biden has to be monitored 24/7 by aides because he keeps on trying to press the nuke button.
harry police 999

If Harry Wants Police Protection Just Call 999

LONDON - England - Former prince Harry is demanding police protection. What about just calling 999 like everyone else does?
chinese spy

Chinese Spy in Parliament: “I Wonton Nothing Wong!”

BEIJING - China - Apparently, the CCP hierarchy are all laughing at Britain's lax security regarding a Chinese spy who infiltrated parliament with ease.
at-home-with-the-sussexes-duke-and-duchess-of-sussex--york exiled prince andrew

Exiled Prince Andrew to Go Live With Harry and Meghan in 16 Bathroom California...

MONTECITO - USA - Exiled Prince Andrew who has been stripped of his titles and uniform, will go and live Harry and Meghan in their mansion.
Admirals Branding admiral markets

Admiral Markets: The Importance of Maintaining a Branding Edge with Users

AMMAN - Jordan - Keeping a branding edge within a competitive trading brokerage global sector is crucial for businesses like Admiral Markets (Now Admirals) to excel.