Boris EU Surrender

Hold Your Horses Boris, This is NOT Brexit!

LONDON - England - There's a very good reason the EU are very happy now, Boris Johnson has probably surrendered to their demands to forge a deal.
juncker contempt for britain

The EU’s Utter Contempt For Democracy and Britain

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU has treated Britain with utter contempt and derision throughout the Brexit talks and throughout our membership.
brexit game

Don’t know your Boris from your Barnier? Let The Brexit Game fill in the...

NORTHAMPTON - England - This exciting new card game aims to take the mystery out of Brexit - and help educate the next generation of Britain’s voters
turks armyvideo

WW3 UPDATE: Turks Move Into Syria

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turkish army has mobilised and are moving their forces into Northern Syria to create a safety buffer zone bordering the country.
epica pyramid black


PARIS - France - The Epica Awards is to extend its deadline for entries to October 21. Now is the time to put forward your creative genius.

Experts: Government Needs to Adopt War Footing Over Brexit – STATE OF EMERGENCY

LONDON - England - Great Britain is now in a state of emergency due to many nefarious outside and internal forces working to thwart democracy and Brexit.
creepy joe biden

Trump Asks Daily Squib to Investigate Bidens

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Daily Squib has been asked by Donald Trump to investigate the corruption linked to Joe Biden and his son.
verhofstadt Haemorrhoids

Verhofstadt Busts Haemorrhoids After Reading Boris Brexit Deal

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Angry Guy Verhofstadt had a medical emergency after he viewed Boris Johnson's Brexit proposal papers yesterday.
frogmore harry dunce

Prince Harry Glad to be Back From Africa PR Offensive

WINDSOR - England - Prince Harry and his family are back from their South African PR offensive.
big-ben-churchill politics

Why You Should Care About Politics

LONDON - England - There's a big difference between politics and having fun. It is however quite important that you know about how politics works and how having fun works.