Scotland After Independence

Scotland After Independence According to Nicola Sturgeon

GLASGOW - Scotland - Scottish leader, Nicola Sturgeon has outlined her vision of Scotland after independence.
Antifa BLM Communists cancel culture china insurrection

BLM: Virtue Signalling ‘White Saviour Complex’ Denigrates Blacks

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - The virtue signalling white saviour complex suffering supporters of BLM and ANTIFA are a taint on the plight of black people.
mujahideen afghanistan

Graveyard of Empires: Afghanistan Beats British, Russians, Americans

HELMAND - Afghanistan - The retreat of a defeated United States after a useless 20-year campaign is another notch in the country's warrior-led nation.
alex jones puppet Howard stern

BEYOND SATIRE: Howard Stern Alex Jones Puppet Quoted as Real Alex Jones by Daily...

TEXAS - USA - An Alex Jones puppet has become embroiled in a fake quote article by the Daily Mail newspaper quoting the real Alex Jones as a factual quote from a puppet quoting the real Alex Jones.
japanese adsvideo

Wake Up to Some Japanese Ads From the 1980s

TOKYO - Japan - Watch some Japanese ads from the 1980s.
venice beachvideo

Daily Squib Giving FREE Holidays Away to Venice Beach California

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Daily Squib is giving away 100s FREE holidays to Venice Beach, California.

Dodgy Dave Caught in the Headlights Once Again

COTSWOLDS - England - Dodgy Dave is at it again, this time he tried to make £65 million in a dodgy deal.
keep on spreading that virus

Millions Britons Queue to Get Infected by Coronavirus

LONDON - England - As the pubs and shops open, people are now queueing to get infected and spread the virus further.
patrice cullors 5 million dollar real estate BLM

PROPERTY EMPIRE: BLM Co-founder Profits Off the Misery of Black People

NASSAU - Bahamas - BLM Co-founder, Patrice Cullors enjoys her multi-million dollar properties thanks to donations made from supporters.
Dukeof Edinburgh Prince Philip Entering Heaven

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Seen Entering Heaven

WINDSOR - England - Witnesses say they saw the Duke of Edinburgh shooting off into heaven in a bright orange Dodge Charger.