Black Lives Matter More Than Others

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - Black Lives Matter More Than Other Lives, even if you are another minority, and you die in police custody, your life does not matter as much as black lives matter.
Businessman layoffs


LONDON - England - The economic fallout of the COVID-19 outbreak has provoked layoffs and left freelancers without clients. We asked Uzma Afridi of the UK’s National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS) for advice.
Cancel Culture Media Censorship

Should Humans Be Forced to Like Things or People They Don’t Like?

LONDON - England - Freedom of speech is once again being curtailed by mass censorship and Cancel Culture, aligning the West with Communist China.

CoronAmerica Virus Nightmare Continues

FLORIDA - USA - The CoronAmerica virus continues to infect millions daily unabated, as a feeling of apathy and denial pervades the nation.
british policevideo

Think Tank: British Police Should All Be Armed and Free From Prosecution

LONDON - England - An increasing beleaguered British police force needs to be armed fully with vast increases in funding, the Crime and Policing think tank has revealed in a new White Paper.
covid-19 sheeple bournemouth beachvideo

COVID-19 Sheeple Desecrate British Beaches

BOURNEMOUTH - England - Hundreds of thousands of sheeple have desecrated British beaches despite warnings of spreading the COVID-19 virus.
Tarana Burke MeToo Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore Presidents Could Be Replaced by BLM and #MeToo Founders

SOUTH DAKOTA - USA - The Black Lives Matter and MeToo movement want the four presidents on Mount Rushmore replaced by the founders of the Marxist organisations.
second wave schools coronavirus

Schools Opening in September Amid Cooler Temperatures Perfect Conduit For Second Wave Virus

LONDON - England - Cooler temperatures and schools re-opening will be a perfect conduit for the coronavirus Second Wave.
defunding police

U.S. Criminals Solidly Endorse Defunding Police

CHICAGO - USA - Organised crime syndicates are welcoming the Democrat decision to defund and neuter police forces, as their criminal activities will be easy.
Thoughtcrime Police

Defund the Thought Police

LONDON - England - It is time that the Thought Police are defunded from their nefarious operations of censorship, cancel culture and destroying freedom of speech.