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Meghan Markle Says Being in Royal Family Like Being On Welfare But Slightly Different

SCUNTHORPE - England - Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex has spoken briefly about her thoughts on joining the royal family.
Unelected European Union President

European Union Commission President Addresses EU Army Troops

NUREMBERG - Germany - On the eve of being crowned the next unelected President of the European Union, Kommandant von der Leyen addressed massed EU Army brigades and EU Soviet workers party officials.
Glasgow, Scotland

Immigrant Congress Woman Tells Trump to Go Back to Glasgow to Sort it Out

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Donald Trump was told to go back to Glasgow, Scotland to sort out problems there, by an African congress woman.
Golestan palace, Tehran, Iran

Urgent Communique to Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs From Princeton Professor to Avert Imminent...

NEW JERSEY - USA - We publish an urgent message of peace written by a concerned Princeton professor addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran.
Sheep and lambs new zealand

Kiwis: “Sorry No New Zealand Lamb For England”

LONDON - England - The Kiwi Trade Minister, who attended the cricket world cup final between England and New Zealand on Sunday is outraged at the result and is vowing a blockade on lamb chops.
Underwater selfie shark

Mourning the Death of Another Instagram YouTube ‘Star’ Killed By Own Vanity

LONDON - England - Another paragon of human society, YouTube Instagram 'star', has bought the farm, amongst all the other victims of their own narcissism in the overflowing cemetery of social media.
ibiza coast

The Ultimate Iberian Holiday

IBIZA - Spain - Imagine sailing across the tranquil turquoise seas of this Balearic island, calmness and beauty combined to bring true magic to your holiday.

Vladimir Bukovsky: The Dissident’s Book of Soviet Crime and Western Complicity

CAMBRIDGE - England - Vladimir Bukovsky's book "Judgment in Moscow" is a vast treasury of material revealing the insider goings-on of a Soviet regime of totalitarian madness and brutality.

Smart Toaster: How To Choose The Right Toaster For Your Home

Getting a toaster is no easy feat, you have to make a lot of crucial decisions that could affect your breakfasts for a very long time.
Weapons of mass destruction. Iran ICBM missile. War

West Asleep: Iran Continues Uranium Enrichment Program For Bomb

TEL AVIV - Israel - Every day is a day lost of inaction as the Iranian regime increases their uranium refining production to 90% weapons grade. Who will make the first move?