Urusalima: There is No Peaceful Solution to a 4,000 Year Old Problem

JERUSALEM - Israel - The problem of land ownership of this region of the Middle East has been ongoing for thousands of years.
Donkey Britain Brexit

Welcome to Donkey Brexit Britain!

LONDON - England - Welcome to donkey Britain, the laughing stock of the world where Brexit means no Brexit.

Why the Government Will Not Be Able to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

NOOSPHERE - If there is proof needed that idiots run governments, trying to regulate cryptocurrencies is another verifiable reason that governments are indeed overrun by idiots.
cooked christmas turkey theresa may

Today the Day Theresa May Starts Looking For Another Job

LONDON - England - Downing Street officials have confirmed that today is the day Mrs. May will be looking for another job after giving away multiple concessions to Brussels during Brexit negotiations.
trump 640

Trump Tweet to Daily Squib Demands Removal of Interview

LONDON - England - In a twitter tweet today, President Trump demanded the Daily Squib take down an interview we conducted with him in 2016.

The Evil of Tony Blair Never Falters

PARIS - France - Former British PM, Tony Blair, has been speaking to the French about thwarting Brexit.

Moaning Luvvie and His Continual Last Film

CORK - Ireland - According to eternally moaning luvvie Daniel Day Lewis, this is his last film, just like his other last film.

BAD DEAL: Weak Theresa May to Pay EU Ransom 100 Billion Euros

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Theresa May has capitulated to the EU ransom demands and will pay them 100 Billion euros.
Toilet london

London Mayor’s Gender Neutral Toilets Have Holes in Them

LONDON - England - Sadiq Khan’s planning blueprint will call for more gender neutral loos, and different types of toilets to cater to people’s differing needs.
weinstein jungle celebrity

New Reality Show: ‘I’m a Celebrity Sex-Pest Get Me In There’

BORNEO - Channel 5 are piloting a new reality show from entertainment company Endemol called "I'm a Celebrity Sex-Pest Get Me In There".