novichok poisoning suspects salisbury

Novichok Poisoning: Skripal Attack Suspects ‘Identified on CCTV as Several Russians’

SALISBURY - England - The Daily Squib can exclusively reveal the names of the Novichok Russian poisoning suspects, still on the loose.
putin twist trump

Kompromat: Putin Has Trump By the Balls

HELSINKI - Finland - Trump's poodle like actions with Vladimir Putin belies a deep Kompromat secret that must not be revealed at all costs.
city of london sunset

Brexit is Actually Very Simple – Parliament and EU Meddling Is Not

LONDON - England - Brexit is actually very easy to implement. The Daily Squib plan could be achieved in less than a year.
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If Theresa May Does Not GO – No One Will Vote Conservative Ever Again

LONDON - England - Theresa May lied not nly to her own Cabinet and ministers, but to the voters. She must go, or the Conservative government will be unelectable for the next thirty years.
Trump Queen Piggyback

Did Trump Break Royal Protocol During Windsor Visit?

WINDSOR - England - President Trump's visit at Windsor castle with the Queen did not go completely well regarding royal protocol.
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Daily Squib Summer Offer: We’re Giving Away 10 Thailand Cave Holidays

A CAVE - Thailand - The Daily Squib is giving away 10 summer holidays to our lucky readers, so hurry and claim them before they are all gone.

EU Kommandant Martin Selmayr Gloats Over England World Cup Loss

BERLIN - Germany - Martin Selmayr, a high ranking EU Kommandant, mocked England's exit from the World Cup with a Twitter post emphasising the EU's superiority last night.
RAF Spitfire coming into land

RAF 100 Years Celebration But We Must Not Forget USAAF American Allies and Their...

LONDON - England - Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the RAF, and its many accomplishments and sacrifices. Lest we forget our American allies as well who contributed in WW2 from Britain and their sacrifices.
Philippe Pétain Vichy Government France WW2

Why Would Donald Trump Want to Visit Theresa May and Her Vichy Government?

OXFORDSHIRE - England - After the fiasco at Chequers where Theresa May presented a Remainer Soft Brexit BRINO plan, will Donald Trump want to visit her and her traitorous ministers?
Boris Johnson

Boris and Other Brexit Heroes Vindicated After Resigning From Theresa May’s Treacherous EU-Centric Plan

LONDON - England - The Theresa May Vichy government has lost most of its Brexiteers because of treachery and lies.