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Friday, July 20, 2018

Tony Blair Visits Washington For Last Time

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair visited Washington for the last time to receive a final Presidential honour from George W Bush.

Remainers Should Renounce British Citizenship and Apply to Live in Germany

BERLIN - Germany - British people who voted to remain in the EU are welcomed in Germany.

American Shooting Season Begins Early This Year

PHOENIX - Arizona - The start of the shooting season in America gets earlier and earlier each year victims of mass shootings have complained to media outlets.
EU Referendum BREXIT Street Party

Cameron Agrees to EU Referendum

LONDON - England - After a swift kick in the polls, David Cameron has finally agreed to an In/Out EU referendum in three weeks time.
bilderberg 2015

Revealed: What Really Goes On Behind Scenes of Bilderberg?

TELFS- Austria - A Bilderberg insider has finally revealed what goes on in the mysterious Bilderberg meetings that are the stuff of conspiracy theorists everywhere.

England Fans Declare Euro Championship Boring

LONDON - England - The Euro 2008 Football Championship was declared a boring washout by England fans today in a poll commissioned by BBC 6 Sports.

Invest in Squibcoins They’re Safer

LONDON - England - Forget Bitcoins, what a disaster, how about Squibcoins? A sure fire winner in any investment portfolio.
austerity millionaire celebrity

Anti-austerity Celebrity Millionaires March For Hypocrisy

LONDON - England - Amongst the poor people attending an anti austerity march on Saturday were a bunch of celebrity millionaires, who were even seen holding placards and shouting slogans.

Britain Set to Be Hit With More Snow Headlines

LONDON - England - As if the first round of snow headlines was not bad enough, now the whole country is to be blanketed with even more snow headlines.
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New Film: ‘Planes, Trains and Ebola’ Box Office Hit

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood has had a dry spell as of late but the latest release coming up for Christmas of a famous remake called 'Planes, Trains and Ebola' will make the festivities really complete.

Tony Blair Book Bestseller in Iraq

BAGHDAD - Iraq - Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, made a surprise visit to the war-torn capital city today to attend a much appreciated book signing.

Tube Drivers Having a Beautiful Day During Strike

LONDON - England - As the capital's tube drivers strike, some of them describe the wonderful time they are having.

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