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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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secret satire society
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Sepp Blatter Tries to Hand Brown Envelope to Swiss Prosecutor

GENEVA - Switzerland - Swiss prosecutor, Ingval Kronstein was shocked on Friday when corrupt FIFA boss Sepp Blatter tried to hand him a brown envelope overflowing with cash.

Break Out the Popcorn – Corbyn Marxists Mobilising – Inciting Riots

LONDON - England - The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn is mobilising his Marxist army of remainers to protest against Brexit happening.
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Elton John Making Immediate Plans to Travel to Russia to Meet Putin

MIAMI - USA - After a highly agreeable seminal phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin, pop star Elton John is amassing his entourage and luxury travel bags for the long journey to Russia.

Feminazi Outrage: All Male Scientists Should Be Sacked

LONDON - England - According to humourless feminazis and their unbridled levels of politically correct outrage on social media, all male scientists should now be sacked from their professions.

Jeremy Clarkson to be Sainted, Knighted and Given Nobel Peace Prize

LONDON - England - Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Jeremy Clarkson is to be Sainted, Knighted and given the Nobel Peace Prize all at the same time.

Tulisa to Perform For Court Judge on Cocaine Case

ESSEX - England - Ex X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavrosopoulos is to perform one of her usual tricks on a judge for her new court case so she can get off a drugs rap, she has told the Sun newspaper.

Brown Welcomes New Assisted Suicide Ruling

LONDON - England - Ailing unelected PM Gordon Brown showed his relief today after the High Court relaxed its rules on prosecuting those who assist in suicides.

Obama: “If Greeks Get Debt Relief So should Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama is causing some serious ripples across the pond with his order that the Eurozone capitulates to Greek blackmail and gives the country debt relief, even though creditors took a 50% haircut in 2013 already.

Footballer Sleeps With Other Footballer’s Girlfriend

LONDON - England - There was shock in the world of football as it was discovered that a footballer slept with another footballer's girlfriend.
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Good News From the Eurozone For a Change

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Desperate Theresa May Doing the Brussels Rounds Again

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