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Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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secret satire society
secret satire society

Brown Gets Counselling After Being Tormented by Rochdale Woman in Sleep

LONDON - England - After Mr Brown's inauspicious visit to Rochdale this week, he has been tormented by a certain ex-Labour voter in his dreams, Number10 aides have revealed.
covid-19 donald trump

Impact of Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis on Elections

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - What will be the impact of President Trump's Covid-19 infection on the elections?

Daily Squib Holding Company to Start Galactic Flights £45,000 Per Ticket

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib is to become a major competitor to Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space flights, the Squib's head of communications and space flight has announced.

Red Ed’s 1984 Manifesto Comes to Light

LONDON - England - Ed Miliband's Labour Party wants to increase the foothold of the totalitarian government even further.

Surprise, Surprise Greece Consorting With Enemy

ATHENS - Greece - In times of war, this is when you find out who your real friends are, as the United States is surely finding out.

Summer Holiday Offers: Two Week Stay at Ebola Hotel All Inclusive

GUINEA - Africa - Our special summer holiday giveaway at the Ebola hotel is sure to make your mouth and eyes water.

Will Cameron's Third Attempt at a Summer Holiday Work?

LONDON - England - First there were the riots whilst in Tuscany, thousand point stockmarket drops, then the Libyan rebel incursion into Tripoli whilst in Cornwall, and now the PM wants to know what is next?
earthquake social media

Earthquake Disrupts Social Media Networks

GHAZNI - Afghanistan - A powerful earthquake has struck northern Afghanistan, with tremors felt in Pakistan and northern India disrupting social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

CNN Reporter: If Humans Abort Babies Why Not Abort Adults?

LOS ANGELES - USA - Plans are under way to incorporate the concept of abortion to human adults as well as human babies, spearheaded by a progressive CNN correspondent, entrepreneur and the Obama administration.


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Christmas Flash Mob Rob Shopping Season Starts Early in America

NEW YORK - USA - Thanks to president Barack Obama's economic prowess, the United States has never had it so good, as the season for shopping is upon us once again.

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Prince William to Join 5 Week Caribbean Photo-op Cruise

WINDSOR - England - Prince William is setting sail on a long Caribbean Navy cruise this summer, an alcohol-fuelled permanent photo-op party paid for by the tax-payer, we can reveal.

Brexit Punishment No. 35476: Stasi EU Censors Want to Erase All...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Petty EU censor officials want all UK streaming broadcasts to be erased from Europe as a form of Brexit punishment.

EU Law: Britain Cannot Do Anything to Watched Jihadis Roaming Britain

LONDON - England - As long as Britain is tied down by EU law, it cannot do much about the terrorists roaming Britain ready to strike.

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