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Friday, May 24, 2019
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secret satire society
secret satire society

Politician Finds Way of Pleasing Everybody at the Same Time

PRADSTOW - England - It's the dream of every politician everywhere and one politician has found the ultimate formula of governance that will enable him to please every faction, group and person at the same time.
Benito Trump Mussolini

Donald Trump: “I’m Going to Grab the World By the P*ssy!”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Donald Trump has won the presidency and he will now bide his time in making his agenda known.

Surprise as Leak Reveals Thousands More Civilians Killed by US

KABUL - Afghanistan - There was worldwide surprise today after an internet leak revealed the extent of civilian deaths meted out by the US and UK war machine was much higher than previously revealed.

CCTV Surveillance in UK Homes

LONDON - England - The UK is famous for being the best 'Surveillance Society' in the world and prides itself in having three CCTV cameras for every person in Britain. The Government plans to increase camera numbers by installing more cameras in homes. The normally pliant British people have finally started to question this latest Governmental proposal.

New Eco Car Runs On Coal

BOSTON - USA - A new breed of coal powered eco cars could be running on the roads soon according to a new Massachusetts company.
tony blair

Why Doesn’t Tony Blair Send His Sons to Iraq Asks Soldier?

YORKSHIRE - England - Tony Blair is pleading for a second land invasion of Iraq by British and American troops.

"Abandon Ship, Abandon Ship!"

LONDON - England - The good ship UK plc is going under, as thousands of people abandon these hallowed shores before the whole lot goes down.

Iceland on Sale for $5,999.99 on eBay

REYKJAVIK - Iceland - The tiny island nation of Iceland was today put up for sale for $5,999.99 and will go to the highest bidder on internet auction site eBay.

Muslim Convert Jackson Got It Wrong : 50 Concerts Not 50 Virgins

LOS ANGELES - USA - There are rumours circulating around Hollywood that the recent Islamic convert, Michael Jackson, may have misunderstood the wishes of the O2 concert promoters.
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$57 Million Debt Kanye Fashion Show Goes Well

NEW YORK - USA - With something resembling a cripple parade, Kanye West and his cheezy show is transcending all fashion barriers.

Downing Street: Agent Cob Could be Expelled From UK

LONDON - England - Agent Cob, who has been conducting clandestine missions in the UK, could be expelled and returned to Russia.

Feminists Encourage Aborting Male Babies

NEW YORK - USA - A feminist who aborted her baby because it was male has been applauded by feminists worldwide in the push to kill more male children.

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