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Friday, July 19, 2019
secret satire society
secret satire society
secret satire society

Champagne Socialist BBC Comedian Honours Corbyn Labour Election Win

SALFORD - England - It's another victory for the champagne socialist comedian circuit of the BBC and their hero Jeremy Corbyn.

Blair Leaves Office with Legacy Intact

LONDON, England - Tony Blair left office today to praise and cheers from the people of Britain and America.

Secrets of Michael Douglas’ Youth Revealed

LOS ANGELES - CA - Michael Douglas, the Hollywood actor married to Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones of 'Darling Buds of May' fame, reveals the secrets to his youthful looks in next month's edition of Hello magazine.
the quiet internet

Internet Suddenly Really Quiet Without Ranting Maniac

LONDON - England - The internet is suddenly very calm and quiet since a certain website was practically erased from the noosphere.

The Insincerity of David Beckham’s Charity Masquerade

LOS ANGELES - USA - If one wants even more proof that celebrities do charity only for themselves, David Beckham, who has latched on to UNICEF is a prime example of a liar extraordinaire.

French Election Schengen Zone Terrorism – Marine Le Pen the Only Answer

PARIS - France is effectively an open house from the border of Syria to Calais, with little or no border checks, Kalashnikovs, grenade launchers, semtex, drugs, terrorists and illegal migrants are funnelled through the Schengen corridor day and night.
Kids playstation cages

U.S. Border: Children Beg To Be Returned To Cages

TEXAS - USA - After President Trump signed an executive order ending the Obama era practice of Illegal migrant child separation at the border, events have taken an even more interesting turn.

What’s It Like to Drive in the Streets of London Today

LONDON - England - Driving in the capital city is getting worse, and no one is really doing anything about it. Here are some tips on getting by whilst swimming in the maelstrom spaghetti soup of crap that makes up London's streets.
Juncker Junkers

Juncker Wants to Bring Back Junkers Stukas For EU Luftwaffe

LUXEMBOURG - The incoming EU president, Jean-Claude Juncker, whose father fought in the Wehrmacht in World War II, has vowed to bring back the Junkers Stuka planes into EU service once he is instated.
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Black Lives Matter: African Americans Committing Majority of Crimes

CHICAGO - USA - The statistics are conclusive, the majority of serious crime in the United States is committed by African Americans despite making up a minority of the overall population.

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Brown Congratulates Mugabe for Winning Election

NEW YORK - USA - Unelected British leader Gordon Brown congratulated Robert Mugabe on winning re-election in Zimbabwe after losing the peoples vote in the recent election.

Soviet Internet Now Cares About You

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - There has been a remarkable change with the internet in recent years, first under the control of George W. Bush and now under the control of Barack Hussein Obama.

Cosby Drugged My Pet Sheep Dimples Says Farmer

NEBRASKA - USA - Former household name actor, Bill Cosby has become embroiled in another scandal, this time involving a farmyard animal.

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