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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Soviet British State Celebrates Comrade Brown’s First Year as Supreme Leader

LONDON - England - Supreme unelected leader Comrade Gordon Brown was today honoured by high party officials and the people for his first year's unelected leadership with a Soviet parade and festivities showcasing the Soviet states might and Bolshevik spirit.
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Why to Think Twice Before Getting a Personal Loan

LONDON - England - Getting a personal loan does not have to be a daunting task as long as you take the right steps.
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Theresa May Applauded by EU leaders Because She ‘made little effort bending over’, Jean-Claude...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - European leaders are set to give their approval for Brexit talks to move on to the next phase today after Jean-Claude Juncker said last week's divorce deal amounted to "sufficient progress after massive concessions by the British".

Chinese Can Now Cut Their Atmosphere Like Cake

BEIJING - China - The heavy phosphate laden atmosphere of some Chinese cities is now so thick that people can cut the atmosphere with a knife and serve it up as food.
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Trump: No One Allowed Alternative Viewpoint to Me

NEW ORLEANS - USA - Donald Trump can make people with alternative views disappear from his rallies within a few seconds, he says he wants to extend that to his presidency.

Paul the Octopus Sold to Korean Restaurant

BERLIN - Germany - Paul the Octopus, who became famous during the World Cup by predicting the outcome of Germany's games, has sadly been sold to a Korean restaurant, it was revealed today.

Letter to the Prime Minister re: Claims That Ineligible EU Citizens Have Been Sent...

LONDON - England - MPs Iain Duncan Smith and Bernard Jenkin, have written a letter to David Cameron with serious concerns about ineligible EU citizens being sent polling cards telling them that they have a vote in the referendum on 23 June.

The Rich Will Be First Target During American Unrest

LOS ANGELES - USA - With a warning shot fired by the 'accidental' shutdown of the EBT card system, president Obama is venting anger he never he knew he had before.

Bernanke Speaks VIX Peaks

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke has been spinning his magic again as the Fear Index rose by 25% today and the Dow dipped by about 450 points.
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IDS: Osborne’s Economic Forecasts of Doom ‘Ridiculous Fantasy’

LONDON - England - Iain Duncan Smith has said that 'people will not believe Osborne's economic forecasts of doom' as they are so fantastical and ridiculously over-hyped.

The Right Candidate: Hardcore Hillary Even Campaigned With Pneumonia

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Just like Britain's Maggie Thatcher, Hillary Clinton is a woman of steel who can campaign even whilst suffering from severe pneumonia.

Banning Things is Extremist Behaviour Say Experts

OXFORD - England - By banning words, speech or thoughts, governments across the Western world are in fact exhibiting extremist behaviour, professor Collin Ledwood, for Oxford university has revealed.

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