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Friday, September 13, 2019
secret satire society
secret satire society
secret satire society

Rare Footage Filmed Deep in Heart of Tower Hamlets

LONDON - England - We have acquired rare footage filmed deep in the heart of London's Tower Hamlets council.

Vote Leave FACTS: Obama’s 10-Year Trade Claims Not Backed Up by Reality of US...

LONDON - England - Soon to be ex-president, Barack Obama has claimed the UK could take up to 10 years to negotiate a trade deal with the US if it leaves the EU, yet the US has previously concluded free trade agreements in under two years, and is only conducting one other trade agreement at the moment.

Want to Get Into Cryptocurrency? BurstCoin is the Way Forward

LONDON - England - Burstcoin is the super easy to mine, green, efficient cryptocurrency that is taking the crypto world by storm. Now is the time to get into it.

Think Tank: The Core of Britain is Race Concentric

LONDON - England - Some think tank somewhere in the capital city has come up with a paper discussing the rise of Ukip and the far right in Britain.

Britons Worried About That Global Cooling Thing

LONDON - England - The embattled people of Britain are rather weary about all this talk about Global Cooling going on as of late.

BBC Forced to be Impartial at Gun Point

SALFORD - England - THE BBC could be forced at gun point to be neutral during the in/out referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.

Apparently the World Will End Again Today

LONDON - England - According to some Christians today the world will end as the earth's magnetic field shifts and Jesus Christ will come back floating on a white horse. Either that or it will be just another Friday.

Abraham Lincoln Was Half Black Historians Reveal

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The sixteenth president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln has been discovered to have had a black father according to historians and scientists working for the Institute of Historical Science which is linked to Harvard university.

Gazza Off to Gaza in Peace Deal Bid

MECCLESWORTH - England - Former footballer Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne has made another bid to go to Gaza.
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Angry Lammy to Visit Auschwitz to See What Real Nazis Were

LONDON - England - Angry Lammy, MP for Tottenham, has been told to visit Auschwitz, Poland to see the atrocities committed by real Nazis, and not British MPs who disagree with is views on Brexit who he mislabelled.

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Amy Winehouse Punches Fan After He Offers Her Singing Lessons

GLASTONBURY - England - Amy Winehouse the famous drugged up celebrity, viciously punched a singing instructor who happened to be in the audience at the Glastonbury rock concert.

Come On In The Casino is Open For Business

LAS VEGAS - USA - The odds in any casino are stacked against the punter, but with a little knowledge and practice, certain games can be lucrative.

IDS: Government’s Latest Claims Are an Outrageous Attempt to Do Down...

LONDON - England - Iain Duncan Smith has refuted the government's false claims that a Brexit would have detrimental effect on pensions.

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