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Monday, January 18, 2021
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secret satire society
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Place your Bets: 6 Celebrities Tipped to Attend the Royal Wedding

BERKSHIRE - England - Prince Harry, sixth in the line of succession to the British throne, is to wed Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel in Windsor on Saturday, 19 May.
Cancel Culture Media Censorship

Should Humans Be Forced to Like Things or People They Don’t Like?

LONDON - England - Freedom of speech is once again being curtailed by mass censorship and Cancel Culture, aligning the West with Communist China.

Why Being Anti-EU Does Not Mean You Are Anti-Europe

LONDON - England - The undemocratic EU is a totally separate body to Europe and its people.

Faulty French Implant Causing Distress

PARIS - France - Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has been called a 'faulty implant' by many in Europe and Britain, thus warranting an immediate removal.

Gender Fluids Afraid of Plug Holes and Drains

CALIFORNIA - USA - Doctors are encountering a new phobia that is sweeping campuses in the state amongst gender fluids.

Liam Gallagher to have Woman's Breast Surgically Sewn onto Head

LONDON - England - Oasis frontman and Neanderthal extraordinaire, Liam Gallagher is set to have a woman's mammary gland surgically sewn onto his head, the pop star's wife told the BBC.

Huge Sinkhole in China Swallows At Least 347,000 People

HENAN - China - A huge sinkhole opened up on Wednesday, swallowing a section of road and passers-by and leaving at least 347,000 people missing.

What About COVID-21, COVID-22 and COVID-23?

WUHAN - China - The COVID nightmare is not over as many people wrongly think, because there are guaranteed to be more strains and mutations of the current virus in the future.

Unelected Labour PM to be Replaced by Another Unelected Labour PM

LONDON - England - Britain's Labour party is to cling to power indefinitely according to leading Westminster political experts.
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Murdoch Given Green Light to Control All UK Media

LONDON - England - David Cameron promised to his master Rupert Murdoch, before his election into office, he would give him the keys to the whole of the UK's media, once Murdoch's empire had secured his election through the media.

Poverty Stricken Russians Still Using Old Soviet Military Equipment

SIBERIA - Russia - Most of the Russian army are ill trained and poorly equipped compared to Western standards and still using modernized equipment from the 1970s.

BSE Hiding From the Fact That We Cannot Control Immigration

LONDON - England - Daniel Hannan MEP has responded to the BSE campaign claim that leaving the EU would cause public sector staff shortages.

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