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Monday, April 12, 2021
secret satire society
secret satire society
secret satire society
Bolshevik America Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Outlines Bolshevik American Soviet Dream

UTAH - USA - Soviet Commissar Kamala Harris has outlined her ideas for Bolshevik Revolution in America when the Democrats win the election.
homeless vets uk illegal migrants

Britain’s 9,000 Homeless Veterans to Get £150 Taxi Rides

DOVER - England - Homeless veterans can be found the length and breadth of Britain, and after serving Queen and Country there is hope yet for these poor lost souls with £150 taxi rides.

Forex Market Spikes: How to Keep Your Investments Safe

LONDON - England - There's nothing worse trading FOREX and a market spike caused by a news event hits your stop loss taking you out of your position. Here are some useful tips to keep you trading within the bounds.

Ku Klux Klan to be Honoured at Obama Inauguration

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Preparations are under way for Klan members from all over the United States to join Obama on stage for his presidential inauguration ceremony on Tuesday January 20th 2009.

Black Plague Spreads – When Mother Nature Fights Back

LONDON - England - The secretive think tank which deals with overpopulation matters called CULL, release their latest communique.

Jimmy Carr Attempts Asylum at Guatemala Embassy

LONDON - England - After being caught out as a celebrity who only pays 1% tax on his £4.7 million fortune, celebrity TV presenter, Jimmy Carr, has attempted to gain political asylum at the Guatemalan embassy.
mass migration europe globalists

War Only Way: Globalists Tried Union Through Economics and Third World Forced Migration But...

ROME - Italy - Forced migration into the West as prescribed by globalist architects has failed and there needs to be adjustments to global policy, says a think tank.

Obama Speech in Denver Rallies Workers to His Cause

DENVER - USA - President Barack Obama told a cheering crowd of thousands on Wednesday that opponent Mitt Romney would return the country's economy to an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterised by a free competitive market and motivation by profit, adding: "Colorado, you've got to make sure that does not happen."
me too creator jungle

#MeToo Creator Sets Off to Study African Wildlife to Better Understand Natural Male Behaviour

KIBALE - Uganda - Celebrated #metoo creator Tarana Burke goes to the jungle and savannah to study natural biological male animal characteristics, to better understand the human male animal.
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Gay Moms Serenade Santorum in Election Song

OKLAHOMA - USA - Two lesbian women have struck a wonderful note of appreciation for right wing evangelical Christian candidate Rick Santorum that is set to make the Wild West heartland of America blush with pride.

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England Football Team Fly into Scotland for Heroes Welcome

GLASGOW - Scotland - The Scots today greeted the returning England football team with jubilation after their amazing 4-1 defeat by Germany in South Africa yesterday.

EXODUS: Millions Businesses and Entrepreneurs Getting Ready to Leave UK If...

LONDON - England - Businesses and entrepreneurs and trillions of pounds will leave the UK if the communist Labour are elected.

Fake News Made Ohio Man’s Brain Seep Through Earhole

OHIO – USA – An article on a fake news site has caused permanent brain damage to a Jelloway, Ohio resident.

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