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Saturday, July 2, 2022
secret satire society
secret satire society
secret satire society
putin bombing hospitals syria

Putin Laughs as Russians Bomb Hospitals With Women and Children Inside

MA'ARAT AL NUMAN - Syria - There will, of course, be no consequences for Russia or Vladimir Putin after bombing another hospital in the war torn rubble.
chinese spy

Chinese Spy in Parliament: “I Wonton Nothing Wong!”

BEIJING - China - Apparently, the CCP hierarchy are all laughing at Britain's lax security regarding a Chinese spy who infiltrated parliament with ease.

England Fans Embracing Italian Culture by Eating Pizza

SAO PAOLO - Brazil - Last night's lacklustre performance by England leaves the team hanging by a spaghetti noodle for an unsavoury exit if Italy does not win the next two matches.

David Miliband Seen at Heathrow

LONDON - England - Former Labour politician, David Miliband has been seen at Heathrow airport arriving on a plane from New York.

Bizarre Bush Holiday Video – Starring Barney the White House Poodle

WASHINGTON DC - The U.S. president's bizarre annual Christmas comedy video - starring Barney the White House dog shows the Bush's fun side.

Madonna Prepares to Buy Malawi After Adoption Denial

LILONGWE - Malawi - Jilted adoptee, Madonna has vowed to buy the whole country of Malawi after a judge ruled her attempt at adopting a three year old girl illegal.
eu migrants

Boris Johnson: The Only Way to Take Back Control of Immigration is to Vote...

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson comments on the recent ONS figures that reveal immigration in the UK is growing at an alarming rate.

Obama Nearing Decision to Send More Troops to US Cities

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Barack Obama is nearing a decision to send more than 300,000 additional U.S. troops to American cities next year.

Britain Will NOT ‘Face Influx of 50,000 Asylum Seekers’ If Leaves the European Union

LONDON - England - Prime Minister, David Cameron would have to resign if a Brexit is granted to the British people, therefore 50,000 asylum seekers would not be granted entry into the UK.


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