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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Brexit: Ve Haff Vays of Making Ze Comedy

BERLIN - Germany - The Germans are not well known for their comedic skill, however sometimes they try, and miss spectacularly, at least they tried.

UK Drivers to be Fined £600 For Driving on Roads

LONDON - England - The government wants to fine UK motorists for driving on the roads, new legislation introduced today in parliament proposes.

What the Kardashians Won't Tell You

LOS ANGELES - USA - Are Americans sleep walking into a Totalitarian Scientific Dictatorship or is everything OK?

Farewell to Bill O’Reilly

CHICAGO - USA - Fox News Anchor, Bill O'Reilly has finally been ousted from the network.

Nicola Sturgeon Gives Birth After Sudden Pregnancy

THE HIGHLANDS - Scotland - According to SNP aides on a recent field trip to Loch Ruthven, which lies 2.3 km south east of Loch Ness, Nicola Sturgeon rushed into the water at great speed, lifted her skirt and immediately gave birth.
gun confiscation usa

Biden: 70 Percent of Americans Could Be Banned From Owning Guns

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Seventy percent of Americans may not have a choice on gun ownership soon, as Obama's executive orders slowly kick in to gear.

Iceland on Sale for $5,999.99 on eBay

REYKJAVIK - Iceland - The tiny island nation of Iceland was today put up for sale for $5,999.99 and will go to the highest bidder on internet auction site eBay.

Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea - The Flower Show this year showcased some spectacular displays. A testament to gardens across the breadth of Britain today.

Vindicating John Cleese On Journalism

LONDON - England - John Cleese is perfectly correct in voicing his concerns about Scottish dominance in the English press.


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Tony Blair Could Launch Book Signing in 45 Minutes

DUBLIN - Ireland - Tony Blair's memoirs were launched over the weekend in less than 45 minutes senior Blair aides claimed today.

Vote Leave Reveals 50 Criminals the EU Stopped Us Deporting

LONDON - England - Vote Leave is today publishing a dossier of 50 criminals which the European Court prevented us from deporting. These cases include offenders convicted of murder, rape, robbery and drug trafficking.

Britain’s Got Stabbing

LONDON - England - Simon Scowell, Piers Moron and some dozy bint pick a winner out of the talented British knife-wielding thugs on display.

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