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Sunday, December 5, 2021
secret satire society
secret satire society
secret satire society

How to Choose the Best Slot Game for Beginners?

LAS VEGAS - USA - Online video slots can be confusing to the beginner but if you do a little research first, you can have some great fun and win big.

Break Out the Popcorn – Corbyn Marxists Mobilising – Inciting Riots

LONDON - England - The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn is mobilising his Marxist army of remainers to protest against Brexit happening.

Planking Craze Thwarted by Actors Hugh Grant and Kevin Costner

LONDON - England - The planking craze which has taken over the world's youth on the internet(s) has been thwarted by the likes of actors like Hugh Grant and Kevin Costner.
china convoy hong kong

BREAKING: China Moving Heavy Armour Troops Into Hong Kong

HONG KONG - China is deploying PLA armed forces to the city to deflect and neutralise any protesters for democracy from the streets.

Palace Tells Kate Middleton She Might Have to Wear Burkini From Now On

LONDON - England - Buckingham palace aides have told the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, that she may have to wear a burkini from now on when she is at the seaside.

Kim Jong Un Successfully Graduates From Dictator School

PYONYANG - N. Korea - A jubilant Kim Jong Un has successfully passed the many tests required to graduate from North Korea's Dictator School officials have announced.

Penn State University Honoured By Pope

VATICAN CITY - Italy - The Catholic church head, Pope Benedict, has praised American Penn State University for its role in covering up child sex abuse.

YouTube Snowflake Generation Killing Themselves Epidemic

THE INTERNETS - USA - How low has humanity gone, that people either kill others over an online pc game or kill themselves over a lacklustre performance whilst playing, or how about YouTube stars who you have never heard about who are making thousands of dollars a day on their channel suddenly offing themselves because they got a bad rating, or someone gave them a thumbs down or whatever ridiculous reason?

Peculiar Analyst: “Sometimes You Have to Treat Dogs Like Dogs”

LONDON - England - People who go above their station, a particular problem in the modern age, as prescribed by a certain eloquent gentleman ensconced in front of the fire, his feet warmed as he toots on a pipe and sips from a half empty/full glass.


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People Who Follow Religions Blindly Are Happier Say Scientists

KENTUCKY - USA - People who believe in religions without question are infinitely happier and less depressed, a new scientific study has revealed.

Farewell the Dark Pope Back to the Catacombs With You

VATICAN CITY - Italy - As much as he appeared with a puff of sulphurous smoke, the grand Papa Benedict is leaving us, to be reclaimed by the entity that brought him to us in the first place.

Lockdown End: Swarms Back on the Streets

LONDON - England - The swarms of people are back on the streets, and the traffic jams are back pumping poison back into the atmosphere. Coronavirus for many has now ended.

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