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Friday, May 27, 2022
secret satire society
secret satire society
secret satire society

Iran and Gaza Escalation Sign of What is to Come

TEHRAN - Iran - Tensions within the Persian Gulf are escalating, as well as the Gaza region between Israel. Could this be the precursor for further conflict?

Eurozone Contagion: Germans Now Getting Lazy

DUSSELDORF - Germany - The German people are now becoming like their Southern European counterparts a new study has revealed.

New Hal Xbox One Always Has an Eye on You

SEATTLE - USA - Just when you thought it was safe to get off your sofa for a few minutes, Microsoft comes out with a console that will ensure you never leave it.
daddy's lil pimp prince harry

Prince Harry Reveals New Baby’s Clothes Ready and Waiting

WINDSOR - England - Da Royalez babee bin borned un-Royale foolz! Prince Harry b showin off da blingtastic Kardashian Fiddy pimpin Nu Royale muffugin babee rags n shiet! Innit!

Experts: Snowden Has Not Achieved Anything

SOMEWHERE - Nowhere - Edward Snowden says he has won. Well, what has he won exactly? He has not revealed anything that was not known already.

Kelly Osbourne Hospitalises Twink Boyfriend

LOS ANGELES - USA - Kelly Osbourne's boyfriend, Luke Squirrel, has been hospitalised after he was severely injured in a freak bed accident last night.
EU Britain

EU Citizens Will Need Three Months Rent Says Cammo

LONDON - England - Prime Minister David Cameron is proposing a scheme that will placate British voters and still enable a massive influx of EU immigrants into Britain.

Renowned Chav Professor Advocates Use of SMS Text Language and Spelling Errors

RUNCORN - England - A highly respected Professor of Chavology at the University of Runcorn has proposed that the English language be adjusted to include mobile phone text language and incorrect spelling.

Obama Finds Secret Room in White House

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The current US president, Barack Hussein Obama has discovered a secret room in the White House holding some belongings of previous US president Bill Clinton.


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ID Cards Not Compulsory But You Will Be Jailed If Found...

LONDON - England - Comrade Brown, today announced a new initiative to do with Identity papers held by all proles.

With a Silent Press Over Biden Scandal Can Anyone Trust the...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - If the controlled press suppressed the Hunter Biden scandal, can anyone trust the pollsters and their hugely optimistic Biden poll results?

The Future of AI is Total Neurobehavioural Integration

AUCKLAND - New Zealand - AI has taken a step forward thanks to Dr. Mark Sagar and BabyX. An experimental computer generated psychobiological simulation of an infant which learns and interacts in real time.

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