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Friday, March 23, 2018

Entire Conservative Party Arrested

LONDON - England - The whole of the UK Conservative party was today arrested on charges of opposing the one party system.
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Nice Terror Attack: What Happens Next? Emergency Plan

NICE - France - The Daily Squib predicts the six step plan post Nice terror attack.

As Fuel Bills Soar Let the Daily Squib Help Cut Your Energy Costs

LONDON - England - With the profiteering UK energy companies increasing their prices to impossible levels...it’s never been more important to cut costs.
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Donald Chump For President?

NEW YORK - USA - Hey we've got an idea, get some loudmouth rich opinionated ignoramus to become president of the United States, or how about this, get the chump to spend his money on trying to become U.S. president and laugh at him when he falls flat on his face.

Dam Busters Dog Renamed ‘Wigger’ and to be Sprayed White

LONDON - England - The re-makers of the famous Dam Busters film have come up with a solution to the problem of renaming the dog.

Camilla Concert Huge Success

Gloucestershire - England - A tribute concert was held last night to celebrate the birthday of Her Royal Highness Camilla.

Lord Owen: TTIP Will Kill NHS – Britain Must Brexit

LONDON - England - Former Labour Health Secretary and Independent SDP politician, Lord Owen today in a landmark speech, outlined the serious dangers to the NHS if Britain remains in the EU.

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair Invited to Daily Squib Offices Instead of Royal Wedding

LONDON - England - After being snubbed by the royal family, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, accepted our invitation to come to the Daily Squib offices today.

The Only Thing That Will Destroy PC Culture..

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Total war and a compulsory draft are the only answer to the PC culture of today.


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Bow Group Calls on Foreign Secretary to Withdraw Statement on Gibraltar

LONDON - England - The Bow Group, Britain's oldest conservative think tank, has called for Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond to withdraw and clarify his statements on Britain's ability to protect Gibraltar, or resign.

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Sarkozy to Join Travelling Circus

PARIS - France - After a humiliating defeat in regional elections, Nicolas Sarkozy has decided that politics is not for him and has joined a travelling circus troupe as a midget.

Scots Demand Independence From Watching England Play Football

SAO PAOLO - Brazil - No doubt Scottish fans gain a great deal of pleasure from seeing England lose in the World Cup but there's always another nagging thought in the back of their heads.

EU: Greece Must Endure Austerity For 30 Years

ATHENS - Greece - The winds waft an ominous stench from the hills and mountains of Northern Europe onto the tiny backwater Aegean nation struggling under the weight of debt and profligacy.

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