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5 A Day: EU Vegetables and Fruit Full of Cancer Causing...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU is knowingly exporting toxic cancer causing pesticide ridden fruit and vegetables for massive profits.

Why Loveable Cad Boris Johnson’s Job is Safe

LONDON - England - As slippery as a box of electric eels, Boris Johnson seems to skip through the trials and tribulations thrown at him with ease.

What Brexit? Immigration Rising at Record Rate

LONDON - England - Despite Brexit promises to lower overall immigration, the government has reneged on its promise and let in hundreds of thousands of migrants.

War: Why You Need to Thank the Globalists for Building Up...

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Globalists for the past forty years have been building up communist China's military might.

‘Compassionate’ Meghan Markle Ignores Her Dying Father in Hospital

MONTECITO - USA - Meghan Markle constantly flouts her compassionate nature regarding global causes, yet feels none for her own father in hospital.

DAVOS: Increase in Mass Migration, Inflation Riots, Famine, Disease and War

EU BORDER - Germany - Many across the globe cannot feed themselves or their families. According to the WFP, things are going to get a lot worse in the coming months.

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