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Sunday, September 15, 2019
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secret satire society
secret satire society

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Visitor From Outer Space: The Strategic Engineer Behind Brexit

LONDON - England - Behind the scenes the Brexit process is being run by a ruthless strategic genius engineer who is not of this world, and is feared by his enemies.

EU Soviet Comrade Cameron Returns

CHIPPING NORTON - England - Comrade Cameron is back from his Soviet EU exile to sell his book and try to stop Brexit once again for posterity's sake.

Climate Scientists: Dinosaur Farts From Millions Years Ago Caused Global Warming

ARIZONA - USA - Dinosaurs that farted millions of years ago created mass methane gas deposits that contributed to global warming, scientists reveal.

Draghi: “Your Bank Account is Mine Now”

FRANKFURT - Germany - The ECB finance president, Mario Draghi, has caused quite a storm with the announcement of negative interest rates in the eurozone yesterday.

Tory EU Plotters All Promised Lucrative Positions in European Union to...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The Remainer plot in Westminster to stop Brexit and ruin British democracy are funded in whole by the EU, and many crooked Remainer MPs have been promised vast riches from their EU masters.

Knife to See You, to See You, Knife!

LONDON - England - Mayor Sadiq Khan has turned the capital city into a cesspit of bloody murder, knife crime, drug gangs, moped gangs and grotesque horror.

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