Paris’ Early Jail Release

LOS ANGELES - CA - Paris Hilton was released from jail today after serving 3 days out of the required 45 day sentence.

Exposed Birth Secrets of George W Bush

TEXAS - USA - Joan Wilder was the ceremonial priestess present at the birthing of the now President of the United States, George W Bush. She recounts her harrowing tale after many years of silence.

UK Olympics Logo

The logo for the 2012 London Olympics was designed by a blind design group. Joey Mellors who heads the group was commissioned by the Olympics Board and payed £4.50 for the ground breaking design.

Surge is Working Says Bush Spokesman

Washington - Pentagon Spokesman Ryan Whitman has announced that all is well in Iraq and the troop 'surge' as proposed by George W Bush is working.

Plans for US Theme Park in Iraq Leaked Online

Detailed plans for the new U.S. Theme Park 'Jihad Land' now under construction in Baghdad, Iraq, appeared online in a major breach of the tight security surrounding the sensitive project that will be America's largest theme park abroad.

Pregnant Women Denied Alcohol

British women are renowned for being the heaviest drinkers in Europe and vow to fight the alcohol reduction quota whilst pregnant.

Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea - The Flower Show this year showcased some spectacular displays. A testament to gardens across the breadth of Britain today.

Harry to go to War

Prince Harry, who has been stopped from going to war in Iraq by the Ministry of Defence, has been thrown a life line. The Royal Palace has created a miniature battlefield in the grounds of Sandringham.

Hot Trends Will Make You Gaga Over Google

What do Daily Squib, the Daily Squib, and have in common? They are currently the top 3 hottest searched keywords on Google.

Scatologists Recruit BBC Reporter – LIVE

A BBC reporter today was recruited against his will into the Scatology religion. The reporter was attempting to present an expose on the cult when he was attacked anally by 'Kretans' live on camera and forcibly brainwashed into joining the mind and rectum control organisation.