Are You Looking Forward to a Woke Dystopian Future Dictatorship?

CALIFORNIA - USA - The way things are going currently, a Woke dystopian dictatorship will be the future for many.

Branson Travels to Mesosphere NOT Space

NEW MEXICO - USA - Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic plane does not actually travel into space but the mesosphere, on the edge of space.

Week IV: The New Words Being Coined in the Wonderful World...

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib is pleased to present a weekly column on Wellbeing with author Adam Jacot de Boinod and meditation coach Emma Ball.

Black Lives Matter Wins Euro 2020

WEMBLEY - England - Black Lives Matter have won the Euro 2020 football tournament by losing to Italy on penalties.

Amsterdam Based International Agency Goes All-in On ‘Creative Activism’

AMSTERDAM - Netherlands - Award-winning Spanish team Julio & César has joined Cloudfactory, together with Sandeep Chawla – into the next era of advertising.

Man Suddenly Becomes Superstitious Before Next England Game

ESSEX - England - An England fan has suddenly become very superstitious before the final Euro match against Italy.

Why “Experts” Have to Think For You

LONDON - England - Experts are put there to think for you, and they will tell you exactly what to think, and how to think, so you do not have to do it yourself.

This Was Never a Pandemic but a Challenge of Mass Consumerism

BENIDORM - Spain - Forget about the global viral pandemic, the so-called lockdown's challenged programmed mass consumerism.

We Can Only Bless the 700,000 Who Refuse to Pay BBC...

SALFORD - England - 700,000 fewer people paid the BBC TV licence this year than the year before, causing alarm bells to go off at the biased network.

Thanks to Weak Biden Taliban Rule Afghanistan Once Again

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Thanks to the weak policies of Biden, the Taliban are already capturing vast swathes of Afghanistan once again.