AUKUS: Furious Macron Calls China For Possible EU War Pact

PARIS - France - After being locked out of a special nuclear submarine deal between the UK, US, and Australia, AUKUS, President Macron has blown a fuse.

Chopped Raab: “Might As Well Finish My Holiday Now!”

LONDON - England - Unceremoniously dumped in the Boris Cabinet reshuffle, Dominic Raab, the former Foreign Secretary, is thinking of going back on holiday.

Comrade Bolshevik General Mark Milley Honoured by Chinese Communist Party

BEIJING - China - American Bolshevik General Mark Milley will fly to the Chinese capital today to be honoured by the CCP and PLA for betraying the USA.

Another Day Living in the Hell of Sadiq Khan’s Machete London

LONDON - England - The hell of living in Mayor Sadiq Khan's capital city is not only compounded by the exaggerated prices of everything, but by the incessant knife and gun crime.

Harry Buys Apache Attack Helicopter Now Parked at Montecito Mansion

MONTECITO - USA - Flush from the lucrative Netflix deal, Prince Harry, has acquired an AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.

Prince Andrew: “Have You Been Served?”

LONDON - England - According to some reports, there are claims that Prince Andrew has been served lawsuit papers from U.S. lawyers.

News That’s Beyond Satire – Edition IV

LONDON - England - Do you ever read a mainstream news headline and sit there in an awe stricken daze? Check out our next edition of selected Beyond Satire news.

Holocaust: What Antony Blinken Would Have Said if He Was Secretary...

LONDON - England - How would Antony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, explain the Holocaust in 1943? Much the same as he explained Afghanistan, according to Professor Richard Vatz.


PARIS - France - The Epica Awards judges are not creative in any way, and are only journalists, according to the new campaign videos.

Beijing Biden: China to Take Over Bagram Airbase With Troops and...

PARWAN PROVINCE - Afghanistan - Bagram Air Force Base is to be taken over by the Chinese military in conjunction with the Taliban forces.