Former Labour Party Member, Rory Stewart is Implant into Tory Party

PENRITH - England - Rory Stewart is not only a rabid remainer, but he is a Labour implant into the Conservative party who will do everything he can to stop Brexit and ruin the Tories from within.

Strait of Hormuz: War With Iran Will Ensure Trump 2020 Win

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The bombing of tankers in the Strait of Hormuz points a finger at the heavily sanctioned Iran. Will the situation escalate into war?

Proroguing an Anti-Democratic Parliament Intent on Thwarting Brexit is Perfectly Democratic

LONDON - England - When anti-democratic elements in parliament are actively seeking to thwart Brexit at every turn, proroguing parliament is justifiable to push through the democratic process of Brexit.

The Mastery of Helmut Newton Enshrined in One Book

PARIS - France - Art publisher TASCHEN celebrates the 20th anniversary limited edition release of a book showcasing the art of iconic photographer, Helmut Newton.

Will Boris Johnson Be a Good Prime Minister?

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson began his campaign for the leadership of the Conservative party today with a speech.

China’s Totalitarian Tiptoe in Hong Kong Eroding Democracy

HONG KONG - The brutal communist regime of China is further eroding Hong Kong's democracy as it stamps its totalitarian ideology on the former British enclave.

Cricket World Cup: When’s the Final

LONDON - England - The 2019 Cricket World Cup is currently underway coming up to the finals. Here are some crucial bits of information that will guide you through the tournament.

Elderlies Could Be Simply Switched Off Says BBC

MANCHESTER - England - The BBC are implementing a new 'Switch Off' scheme tied in with the TV licence which will switch elderly people off.

BBC TV Licence: Jails Braced For Thousands 75-Year-Olds

SALFORD - England - The decision by the BBC to take away the free TV licence for over 75s will mean an increase in the prison population across the country.

The EU Deserves NOT a Single Penny From the UK

LONDON - England - The UK should not pay the EU a single penny of their £39 billion ransom demand, and should be on a war footing.