Maricopa Fraud: Media Ignores Facts That Show U.S. Electoral System Not...

ARIZONA - USA - The Maricopa County Audit found over 40,000 instances of voter fraud which is being ignored by political parties and news agencies in the country.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Starts Hippy Commune in Oregon

OREGON - USA - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is setting up a hippy commune in an 80,000 acre piece of land he has acquired.

EXCLUSIVE: Harry and Meghan Featured in Latest Hairdresser Magazine Edition

BEVERLY HILLS - USA - Harry and Meghan have been featured in the latest edition of Hairdresser Magazine.

Joe OBiden: “I Would Rather Give U.S. Trade Deal to IRA...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe OBiden hates the British so much that he would rather give a trade deal to the IRA.

London Breed is Not Falling Down

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - The city's mayor, London Breed, seems to suffer from a severe case of double-standards, especially when it comes to her own Covid-19 mask rules.

Meghan Markle Leads Prince Harry into the Forgotten Forest

THE FORGOTTEN FOREST - Somewhere deep in the darkness, the well trodden path where many men have fallen, is once again being walked on by the wayward Harry and someone he thought he trusted.

M25 Eco Zealot Roadkill Could Solve Meat Shortage in Supermarkets

M25 - England - Could the roadkill of eco terrorist 'warriors' who are blocking Britain's motorways solve the upcoming meat shortage in supermarkets?

AUKUS: Furious Macron Calls China For Possible EU War Pact

PARIS - France - After being locked out of a special nuclear submarine deal between the UK, US, and Australia, AUKUS, President Macron has blown a fuse.

Online Bingo in Ireland – A Breakdown

DUBLIN - Ireland - The Emerald Isle has a fantastic history of gambling, and online Bingo fits in just fine to this ethos.

Chopped Raab: “Might As Well Finish My Holiday Now!”

LONDON - England - Unceremoniously dumped in the Boris Cabinet reshuffle, Dominic Raab, the former Foreign Secretary, is thinking of going back on holiday.