COVID-19 Virus is Happy That People are Out and About Again

MANCHESTER - England - It's back to infecting humans for the COVID-19 virus as they all come out of hiding.

The Vindictive Nature of Dismantling Other Cultures Because of Jealousy

LONDON - England - As groups like BLM and ANTIFA desecrate historical monuments and statues, as well as seek to erase history, is there an element of jealousy in their cowardly actions?

Top 3 Most Popular Betting Strategies

LAS VEGAS - USA - The three most popular betting strategies used by people are an attempt to win against casino odds. Do they work?

Mi Notebook Pro 15 (2020) Released

BEIJING - China - The release of the Mi Notebook Pro 15 will enable you to open many applications and increase your online presence.

Big Tech : War With China Could See Core Profits Slashed

SILICON VALLEY - USA - When war starts with China, Big Tech companies might see their core business model damaged, and their profits slashed.

Black Lives Matter Demand Erasure of Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman...

LONDON - England - Black Lives Matter protesters have demanded that Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman history be destroyed.

J.K. Rowling Has Been Sent to Re-Education Camp Transwarts

PUFF TOWN - Scotland - Former author, J.K. Rowling, betrayed by her own creations, has been sent to a re-education camp.

Gone With the Wind – The Bollocks of the English and...

LONDON - England - It seems there is little or no will to fight back against the desecration committed on British and American cities anymore -- no bollocks.

British History Matters

LONDON - England - British History Matters, as do all other historical accounts of man's journey, whether deemed favourable or not to whichever faction. We must preserve history.

Think Tank: African Nations Like Ghana Appealing to African Americans to...

ACCRA - Ghana - With the level of discontent from many people of African descent in the West, some African nations are opening the doors for them to return.