Trump Trap and Kamala Harris is the Bait

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe Biden's newly appointed running mate, Kamala Harris, may well be a Trump Trap in waiting.

Some A-Levels Do ‘Ave ‘Em

LONDON - England - The A-level fiasco led by Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson has been a complete bumbling failure this year.

I’ve Got a Little List, With Apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan

MARYLAND - USA - Submitted by distinguished Professor Richard E. Vatz, a satirical poetic look at today's political world.

Putin Coronavirus Vaccine Contains Polonium

MOSCOW - Russia - It seems a Russian operative with the KGB/FSB has claimed that he has found a cure to the coronavirus vaccine

Biden Goes For Black Vote With Kamala VP Pick

WASHINGTON D.C. USA - Presidential candidate Joe Biden has picked Kamala Harris as his running partner and Vice President if he wins in November.

Last Stand at ANTIFA Corral

THE SUBURBS - USA - Designated domestic terrorist group ANTIFA who converged on a neighbourhood full of American MAGA patriots met a messy end.

Ironic That BLM ANTIFA Heroes Karl Marx and Engels Thought Blacks...

PORTLAND - USA - Why do BLM and ANTIFA hero worship Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels when they detested black people, describing them as no less than animals.

Former Prince Harry in American Earthquake Shocker

LOS ANGELES - USA - The recent 4.2 magnitude earthquake in California has come as quite a shocker for the former prince, Harry.

What Determines the Cost of an Automobile Catalyst

SAN DIEGO - USA - Buying a catalytic converter or catalyst, can be a daunting business but if you look in the right places, you can get some great deals.

Germans Closing Some Schools After Teacher Catches Coronavirus

LUDWIGSLUST - Germany - Schools have been shut down in some German cities after teachers and pupils were found to carry the COVID-19 pathogen.

Dear Refugees: Do Not Bother Travelling to the UK Any More...

DOVER - England - To the refugees crossing the English Channel. Do not bother coming to the UK. You have been told lies about this place.

Welcome to Hell On Earth

BOURNEMOUTH - England - If there is a hell on earth - this is it. Packed like thousands of sardines in the sand, the COVID-19 virus is having a field day as the human offerings eagerly serve themselves up.

Why is Michelle Obama So Depressed?

CHICAGO - USA - Michelle Obama, the former first lady is apparently depressed. We reveal the real reasons for this unfortunate malaise.

Auntie Gets Nasty – Sends Bailiffs Around to Over 75s to...

LONDON - England - If you are over 75 and watch TV, you could soon get a visit from bailiffs if you have not paid for your BBC TV Licence tax.

Children Are Humans Too

LONDON - England - On the advent of schools being forced to open whilst the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, children will become infected and spread the virus far and wide.

Schools Opening Pubs Closing is a Scientific Experiment

LONDON - England - By opening schools and re-shutting pubs, we can only conclude the experts are conducting a scientific experiment to see what happens.

Biden Says He’s Ready For the Election in 1987

SYRACUSE - USA - Democrat candidate, Joe Biden says he is ready to win the 1987 election and nothing is getting in his way, not even Trump.

Leading Chinese Scientist Confirms COVID-19 Dispersed From PLA Lab

LOCATION UNKNOWN - USA - A leading Chinese scientist who fled to the West has revealed some secrets kept by the Communist Chinese Party regarding the Coronavirus.

Slick Willie Bill Clinton: “I did not have orgies with those...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Former president, Bill Clinton has been solidly implicated for participating in orgies on Jeffrey Epstein's island.

Protected: The Intricacies and Fantastic Habitual Mnemonic Confabulations of Experts

LONDON - England - Read an exclusive Daily Squib interview with the author of Nonscience Returns Brian J. Ford and purchase the book.