Harry and Meghan to Trademark Their Children

WINDSOR - England - With the Sussex brand going from strength to strength, it comes as no surprise that Harry and Meghan will even trademark their own children to make profit from their brand.

The Decade Orwellian Socialists Tried to Destroy Western Democracy

LONDON - England - The last decade saw the socialists fight to gain a foothold in the West, to deny democracy and our freedoms.

Harry and Meghan Christmas Card Causes Stir

ONTARIO - Canada - Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have wished their Instagram followers a ‘very Merry Christmas’ from Canada by releasing an e-card which has caused a stir amongst some fans.

Merry Christmas From a Chinese Slave Labour Camp

BEIJING - China - This Christmas, as you enjoy the festivities and open your presents, hold a thought for the Chinese slave labour camps that produced your festive wares.

What Is the Best Type of Futon Mattress?

LOS ANGELES - USA - Japanese futons can be very useful and practical pieces of furniture, however there are many variables one must consider when buying.

When You Should Seek a Short Term Loan

LONDON - England - Getting a short term loan can certainly help in certain circumstances, however be careful of splashing out on things that are not necessary.

Brexit Britain Will Get Its Mojo Back

LONDON - England - Brexit Britain will get its mojo back when it finally leaves the authoritarian EU Soviet bloc and gains its freedom once again.

Fake Impeachment Emboldens Trump Supporters

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Democrat held Congress and House of Representatives may have impeached President Trump, but the whole fake fiasco has actually bolstered his vote base for the 2020 election and strengthened his hand.

Bad Egg Veruca Swinson Finally Flushed Down the Garbage Shoot

LONDON - England - Where is Veruca Swinson after her fateful meting of justice at the General Election?

Zero Carbon Emission – Greta Thunberg Walks Across Atlantic Ocean

MID ATLANTIC - Greta Thunberg, the teenage activist, has embarked on another zero emission journey across the Atlantic Ocean, this time walking over the water.

Jeremy Corbyn: “True Bolshevik Revolution Cannot Come From Peaceful Means”

ISLINGTON - England - Defiant Comrade Corbyn has spoken of his plans after his Red Soviet Labour party was defeated in the recent democratic elections.

The Takeover of Digital Payments: Where They Have Come From and...

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Digital payment has come a long way from the start of the World Wide Web, and the future looks bright too.

Praising The Beautiful People of Blyth Valley, Northumberland

BLYTH VALLEY - England - The general election has seen some real surprises, like the people of Blyth voting for the Conservatives, after always voting Labour.

Tony Blair on Suicide Watch

SCUNTHORPE - England - Former Labour PM, Tony Blair was taken away to an asylum last night and is under suicide watch, after he viewed the election results.

Dead Parliament Turkeys Could Not Postpone Christmas This Time

LONDON - England - The landslide win by Boris and Conservatives is proof that the dead parliament turkeys could not postpone Christmas forever.

Election 2019: This is a Sad Day For Communism

LONDON - England - It is a sad day for communism today as Labour have lost the election under their erstwhile leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Squeaky Bum Time: If Boris Loses This We’re All Fucked

LONDON - England - As the election nears, the voters will decide the future of Britain once and for all. Will it be Boris success, and economic riches, or suicide by Corbyn, with communist disaster?

EXODUS: Millions Businesses and Entrepreneurs Getting Ready to Leave UK If...

LONDON - England - Businesses and entrepreneurs and trillions of pounds will leave the UK if the communist Labour are elected.

Experts: Labour Policy of Unfettered Mass Migration Cause of NHS No...

LEEDS - England - A photo of a sick boy sleeping in an NHS hospital corridor cynically touted by Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn is a direct cause of the previous Labour government's migratory policy.

Tips on How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree This Year

LONDON - England - It's that time of year again, when everyone gets their Christmas trees out, decorating them in seasonal cheer.