Daily Squib February Article On China False Death Numbers Was Correct

WUHAN - China - The Chinese Communist Party has been caught out with their blatant lies about the true death toll from coronavirus.

COVID-19: Europe and America Decimated – Africa, India, South America, S.E....

LONDON - England - The COVID-19 virus seems to be targeting the industrialised nations opposed to the Third world developing nations.

They Can Give Boris Leprosy, Rabies, Covid-19, or Bubonic Plague –...

LONDON - England - The PM Boris Johnson has been diagnosed to have the COVID-19 coronavirus and is still leading the country.

Rishi Sunak’s Irresponsible Money Giveaway Means Future Ruinous Tax Rises

LONDON - England - The vast money giveaway by the government during the coronavirus purge will result in ruinous tax rises for the future.

Is Greta Thunberg the Reincarnation of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

SALZBURG - Austria - Could Swedish enviro-mascot, Greta Thunberg be the reincarnation of famous Austrian composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

Meghan Markle Narrates Elephant Movie For Disney

LOS ANGELES - USA - According to reports from America, Meghan Markle has narrated an elephant film for Hollywood company Disney.

COVID-19: Spare a Thought For the Clueless Obese Drugged Up Americans

NEW YORK - USA - The COVID-19 coronavirus especially likes obese Americans who have a plethora of medical and mental problems.

Thousands Infected People From Spain and Italy Flying Into Britain Daily

LONDON - England - Thousands of infected people from coronavirus hotspots like Spain and Italy are flying into UK airports daily unchecked.

Prince Charles Has Finally Been Corona’d King

WESTMINSTER ABBEY - England - Prince Charles has finally been corona'd as king after many, many, many years of waiting.

China Lockdown Lifted: Chinese Tourists Already Booking Trips to Europe Again

HUBEI - China - Chinese tourists are already booking trips to major European and American cities after the authorities have lifted coronavirus lockdown.

Another Chinese Virus Gift to the World: Hantavirus

SHANDONG - China - A man who recently died from a mysterious virus has now tested positive for Hantavirus, which is more deadly than Chinese COVID-19.

This Virus Does Not Care For Your Religion, Your Economy or...

LONDON - England - To see the fear in the eyes of medics when confronted with the complexity of the COVID-19 virus is testament to the power of Mother Nature.

Zombies Take the Coronavirus Train to COVID-19 Station Spreading Virus Far...

LONDON - England - The Mayor, Sadiq Khan is complicit in the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 deadly pathogen throughout the city.

We Must Discuss Transgender Rights During Coronavirus Pandemic

CALIFORNIA - USA - Transgender activists plan to boycott any hospitals if the staff mis-pronoun them, even if they are dying from coronavirus.

Why is Jeremy Corbyn Still On Our Screens?

LONDON - England - Why is Jeremy Corbyn who lost the election and lost the Labour leadership five months ago still on our screens?

Thanks to No Lockdown Coronavirus Spreading Far and Wide in Britain

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson has asked people nicely to stay in their homes, but many are not listening, and the no lockdown policy is spreading the virus further.

How Will Britain’s Underclass Survive One Year’s Self Isolation?

LONDON - England - Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has not catered for the millions within Britain's underclass, in his coronavirus aid package.

What Happens to the Politically Correct During a Deadly Pandemic?

LONDON - England - Politically correct people are offended by everything, and that includes dying of Chinese Virus.

Britain Will Get Through This China Virus Purge Only if it...

LONDON - England - The China Virus (COVID-19) is ravaging its way through the world. Britain is in the beginning stages of a soft, partial shut down -- but is it enough?

Schools: Boris Does the Right Thing Shutting Them Down

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson and his ministers have finally come to the correct decision to close all schools in the country.