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Friday, December 13, 2019
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secret satire society
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Farmhouse in Northumberland, North East England. UK.

Praising The Beautiful People of Blyth Valley, Northumberland

BLYTH VALLEY - England - The general election has seen some real surprises, like the people of Blyth voting for the Conservatives, after always voting Labour.
tony blair asylum suicide watch

Tony Blair on Suicide Watch

SCUNTHORPE - England - Former Labour PM, Tony Blair was taken away to an asylum last night and is under suicide watch, after he viewed the election results.
corbyn christmas turkey

Dead Parliament Turkeys Could Not Postpone Christmas This Time

LONDON - England - The landslide win by Boris and Conservatives is proof that the dead parliament turkeys could not postpone Christmas forever.
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Cruise Tops Scatology Cult Hall of Fame

LOS ANGELES - USA - Actor Tom Cruise has topped the Scatology cult's hall of fame and will be honoured for his stellar work for the toxic poop cult with a lavish ceremony next month.

Latest Saatchi Ad Campaign Targets Domestic Violence

LONDON - England - The Saatchi Marriage Isn't Working is the latest advertising campaign designed by advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi targeting victims of domestic violence.

“We’ve Got Access to Bunkers You Don’t”

LOS ANGELES - USA - The infamous Oscars selfie may put some unsavoury thoughts into your head about who has access to nuclear bunkers in times of need.