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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fed Pumping Economy Like Crazy

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The Federal Reserve has started to pump away like a well oiled piston at the economies barren loins and is about to splurge with a massive wodge of cash snout sauce.




17,410,742 leave voters

17,410,742 Leave Voters to Turn Up at Number 10 Downing Street

LONDON - England - Step aside! 17,410,742 leave voters are set to turn up at Number 10 Downing Street to demand democracy is adhered to in Britain and we Leave the EU. All of it.
harry and meghan baby kensington palace royal family

Harry and Meghan: Amazing Moment For Royal Family With First Ever African Baby

LONDON - England - The royal family bloodline of the Saxe-Coburg Gotha family has been changed forever as history is being made with the momentous introduction of the African gene into the house.
fart museum brussels juncker

Fart Museum Brussels Celebrates 150 Years of Farts

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The world renowned Fart Museum is this year celebrating 150 years of farts, and will be attended today by EU president, Jean Claude Juncker as guest of honour.
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Ex-Bush Admin Praises Afghan Obama Troops Stance

TEXAS - USA - All of the previous Bush administration have openly praised president Barack Obama's stance on sending more American troops to the unwinnable war in Afghanistan, a Pentagon report has said.
burqa woman

Experts: Why ISIS Beheadings Criminalise All British Muslims

LONDON - England - British Muslims who overtly display their Islamic religion in public are now in danger, a new study has found.

Britney’s Photoshoppers go on Strike

LOS ANGELES - CA - The photoshop retouching artists who have been employed by pop star Britney Spears since the beginning of her career have gone on strike indefinitely, their union official said today.