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Wednesday, April 24, 2019




stalin theresa may2

New Vote For Comrade Theresa May Ten Year EU Soviet Plan

SEKTOR 101 - EU - Comrade Theresa May has spoken to the people from her dacha in Chequers today.
eu flag st george's day

Happy St George’s Day

SECTOR 101 - EU - Today was St George's day and EU citizens were told to celebrate even though they did not know why.
emma thompson

Actress Emma Thompson Brings Champagne and Caviar to Extinction Rebellion

LONDON - England - Heroic Hollywood actress and comrade of the people, Emma Thompson has stopped off in old Blighty for a bit of protest and to rally the troops.
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Vindicating John Cleese On Journalism

LONDON - England - John Cleese is perfectly correct in voicing his concerns about Scottish dominance in the English press.

We’re Giving Away 200 Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh

SHARM EL-SHEIKH - Egypt - Feel the heat this winter with a holiday that you will be guaranteed to remember for the rest of your short life.

Historians: “Islam Still at Christian Medievel Inquisition Stage”

OXFORD - England - A group of historians have analysed the current actions of religious fanatics aligned with Islam and come to the conclusion that Muslims are still at the Christian Inquisition phase.


George W Bush Hails Successful US Defeat in Iraq

WASHINGTON DC - USA - George W Bush has hailed the US defeat in Iraq as an unbridled success with the same "Mission Accomplished" mantra he uttered once before.