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Friday, September 24, 2021
secret satire society
secret satire society
secret satire society

Chinese Space Rocket to Send 320 Thousand Astronauts Into Space At...

BEIJING - China - The latest technical innovation from the Chinese Space Program will make history for space flight, says China's space chief, Lee Ping Hi.




harry meghan hairdresser magazine cover 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Harry and Meghan Featured in Latest Hairdresser Magazine Edition

BEVERLY HILLS - USA - Harry and Meghan have been featured in the latest edition of Hairdresser Magazine.
joe biden ira

Joe OBiden: “I Would Rather Give U.S. Trade Deal to IRA Than Britain”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe OBiden hates the British so much that he would rather give a trade deal to the IRA.
london br

London Breed is Not Falling Down

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - The city's mayor, London Breed, seems to suffer from a severe case of double-standards, especially when it comes to her own Covid-19 mask rules.





Priti Patel: Brussels Works for Big Business, Not the British People

LONDON - England - Vote Leave's, Priti Patel MP, has commented on the vast sums of money big corporations lobby the EU with to get what they want.
EU Referendum BREXIT Street Party

Vorsprung Durch Brexit!

LONDON - England - Despite the many dirty tricks the remain campaign put in front of EU referendum and Project Fear Vote Leave has prevailed -- Democracy has won.

Comrade Brown Proposes New Stealth Tax for Sleeping

LONDON - England - Supreme unelected comrade, Gordon Brown is to (yawn) implement a new stealth tax where every citizen will be charged for the hours they sleep at night.


Trump: “This is Not War” Will Move 120,000 Troops to Persian...

STRAIT OF HORMUZ - As tensions rise in the region, the latest shooting down of a U.S. drone by Iran is a sign that more troops and military build-up is on the way by the Americans.