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Sunday, June 23, 2019
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Tory MP’s Defence: “I Thought the Intruder Was Theresa May”

LONDON - England - Tory MP who manhandled a female protestor at a banquet says he thought the woman was Theresa May in a case of mistaken identity.
EU Army large

EU Army: Teen French Recruits Suffer Under New Compulsory Service

PARIS - France - Macron's roll out of compulsory Universal National Service for all 16-year-olds will be expanded across all EU countries for the EU Army.

Shaken But Not Stirred – Angela Merkel Inspires New Cocktail

BERLIN - Germany - Chancellor Angela Merkel's shaking bonanza the other day has inspired a local bar owner to create a cocktail named after the Chancellor.
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#MeToo Backer Bill Clinton Reveals Why He Backs The Feminist Cause

NEW YORK - USA - Former president Bill Clinton doubled down Monday night on his view that he is a serious supporter of the #MeToo agenda and deplores any of his actions in the past.

Labour Council Snatches Children From Foster Parents For Not Voting Labour

ROTHERHAM - England - The Labour-run council has snatched five children of a family because they did not vote Labour at the last election, a local Labour Stasi social worker has admitted.
putin botox

Putin Celebrates Another Election Win With Botox

MOSCOW - Russia - Vladimir Putin, the Russian supreme leader, has celebrated his election win on March 18 by undergoing more botox treatment for his already puffed out face.


MI6 to Train Agents How to Get Out of Sports Bags

LONDON - England - The current MI6 chief has vowed to have all British agents trained up so that they can escape from sports bags like Houdini.