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Friday, February 21, 2020
secret satire society
secret satire society
secret satire society

Volkswagon Vehicles Seen From Space

SPACE - With the mass recall of Volkswagon cars after falsifying emissions data, there's another twist in the story, VW vehicles can be seen from space.





Japanese Hold Coronavirus Festival

OKAYAMA - Japan - The festival where thousands of naked men are all squashed together has been hailed as a great coronavirus success by the officiating priests.

Actual China Covid-19 Death Toll Over 100,000 As More Mobile Incinerators Deployed

WUHAN - China - Because of the number of deaths from coronavirus Covid-19, the Communist Party is deploying a fleet of mobile incinerators to the area.
When Harry Met the In-Laws2

Thomas Markle Bans Meghan and Harry From Using Markle Brand

ROSARITO - Mexico - After being banned by the Queen from using the 'Sussex Royal' brand for profit, Meghan's estranged dad, Thomas Markle has now done the same.
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human_internal_organs_3d_google maps

Google Maps Wants to Look Inside Your Body

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - Google maps intends to map the internal human body of each person in the world by 2021.

Confused Police Arrest Rebekah Brooks Again

CHIPPING NORTON - England - Confused police officers who are more used to receiving brown envelopes stuffed with thousands of pounds from Rebekah Brooks were told to arrest her again yesterday.

The EU Deserves NOT a Single Penny From the UK

LONDON - England - The UK should not pay the EU a single penny of their £39 billion ransom demand, and should be on a war footing.


Online Slots or Live Casino Games?

LAS VEGAS - USA - Many people have probably heard a lot about the pros and cons of online casinos and live gambling games. However, do not draw parallels between free online slots and traditional slot machines.