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Thursday, October 10, 2019
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juncker contempt for britain

The EU’s Utter Contempt For Democracy and Britain

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU has treated Britain with utter contempt and derision throughout the Brexit talks and throughout our membership.
brexit game

Don’t know your Boris from your Barnier? Let The Brexit Game fill in the...

NORTHAMPTON - England - This exciting new card game aims to take the mystery out of Brexit - and help educate the next generation of Britain’s voters
turks armyvideo

WW3 UPDATE: Turks Move Into Syria

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turkish army has mobilised and are moving their forces into Northern Syria to create a safety buffer zone bordering the country.
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tsipras yellow chicken

Tsipras: “I’m Thinking of Changing Greek Flag Colour”

ATHENS - Greece - The Greeks not paying the IMF $1.6 billion last night after many months of posturing from the ruling Syriza party could be the precursor for something way bigger, but has Greek PM Tsipras seen the error of his ways by penning a last ditch cry for help letter?

England Win Euro Cup

KIEV - Ukraine - England has won the Euro 2012 championship after a series of penalties clinched it for the beleaguered team.

Russian General Talks to Daily Squib About Favourite Vodka

MOSCOW - Russia - General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, who is in charge of all the nuclear missiles in Russia as well as all strategic nuclear tactics, talks to the Daily Squib about his favourite Vodka tipple.


EU Migrants into UK Will Get Free Petrol Says Brussels

SCUNTHORPE - England - The new Free Roaming Directive from Brussels will allow EU migrants to get free petrol from any station in the UK a Brussels Eurocrat revealed today.