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Saturday, August 18, 2018




brennan_obama cia

Former CIA Director Brennan Cleared For Clandestine Suicide Mission in Siberia

VIRGINIA - USA - After having his CIA security clearance revoked by Trump, a surprised John Brennan, has been offered a special mission deep in Russian territory.
Trump eco electric chair

Trump Tries Out Eco Electric Chair to Promote Exiting Climate Change Accord

NOTTINGHAM - England - President Donald Trump has been invited to try out an eco powered electric chair to promote climate change.
trump finger

Is There Anyone Who Hasn’t Taped Trump Behind His Back?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The search is on to find someone who has not recorded President Donald Trump without his knowledge.
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Michelle Cologne New Year Attack

Mass Migration: Germans Got What They Voted For

COLOGNE - Germany - The attack on women by young men from the Middle East and North Africa during New Year's Eve was a symptom of Angela Merkel's Laissez-faire attitude to the mass migration consisting mainly of economic migrants.
sarkozy prison

Don’t Drop the Soap – Sarkozy in Le Prison

LE BASTILLE - France - Former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy has been put in prison and fears for the integrity of his booty.

Don’t Work So Hard It’s Counter Productive Say Experts

LONDON - England - At a young age we are taught that hard work is an important part of our lives, but a new study reveals that too many people are working hard in the world.


Twerk Scientists Need More Funding

LONDON - England - Scientists at the National Undulating Twerk Science research labs are appealing to the government for more funding into their twerk research.