Week V: The New Words Being Coined in the Wonderful World of Wellbeing

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib is pleased to present a weekly column on Wellbeing with author Adam Jacot de Boinod and meditation coach Emma Ball.

Meditation and breathwork coach, Emma Ball, of Evolve.

Each Monday over these next eight summer weeks, Adam Jacot de Boinod (word columnist for the Daily Mail and author of The Meaning of Tingo) sheds light on the world of wellbeing. His impressive list comes from his discussions with one of London’s most respected meditation and breathwork coaches Emma Ball of Evolve who alerted him to this selection of these new words being bandied about and helped him choose those that are ‘eyebrow-raising’.

Each Monday at 8pm, Emma holds a 30-minute Zoom session involving meditation and breathwork that’s open to all. To book visit: evolvehealingandmeditation.com

Every year, as Adam says, neologisms slip effortlessly into our language. To stand the test of time they need brevity, wit and/or invention. As a philologist, he is fascinated by the words that come into general use across the English-speaking globe. And in these days of rushing about it’s inevitable, more than ever, that we need to address our priorities and our sense of wellbeing.

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This Monday, Adam looks at words relating to …


binge thinker someone who tends to worry or think about multiple subjects in an uncontrolled way

breatharian someone who believes that by doing a special type of breathing exercise they can get all the nutrients they need from air and do not have to eat solid food

naysayer someone who refuses to accept a belief or opinion that is held by most other people

super-feeler someone who experiences their own emotions and those of other people very intensely