Underwater selfie shark
"Tell a woman that she is beautiful, and the devil will repeat it to her ten times"

They seem to be falling like flies these days, yes, these narcissistic self-proclaimed internet ‘stars’ who do not hesitate to film every part of their vapid lives for all to see. The constant nauseating updates, all vomitus attempts at more attention, more subscribers, more views. The people who watch this stuff are as vile and brainless as the creators of this banal shit not worthy of a squirt of donkey piss.

“What’s that crunching sound?”

Could be an e-scooter going under a truck whilst filming a selfie on a busy roundabout, or walking off a cliff whilst filming that elusive and edgy selfie, or maybe electrocuted to death whilst hanging from some pylons by a selfie stick?

We still have to see an influencer beaten to death story for asking a hotel boss free room and board just for being on YouTube. Surely, that would be some wonderful footage, to see the entitled influencer being meted some much-needed justice.

We do get the odd blubber fest video on YouTube with said ‘victim’ crying into the screen begging for their banned Instagram channel to be reinstated because they will have to go back to blowing dicks in alleyways for five bucks a piece if their account is not reinstated or McDonalds.

All in all, this is a good sign that more victims are piling up in the morgues all killed off by their own banal narcissism. This is a sign that the universe actually gives back in spades what it is presented with, and that these unintelligent pieces of detritus who are only peddling their shallow looks for views without any other input into the global pool of knowledge or universal mind eventually reach their internet social media nirvana albeit in a casket or shallow grave somewhere.

Do YouTube, Instagram and other portals keep the accounts of the deceased up? Of course, they do, it’s all about money. They don’t care if these fuckers are dead or alive, as long as those ads keep showing on those pages and people watch the videos that’s all that matters. To have a ‘star’ drop off is possibly the best thing, because the videos are still watched and the money all goes to the corporation. Remember, at the end of the day, the terms that were clicked on sign up stipulate the content is owned by the corporation.

Die, death = money for eternity for the corporation