YouTube Staff Bused Into California HQ Today

SAN BRUNO - USA - YouTube staff were today delivered to their Californian HQ by armoured trucks.

One day after the horrendous shooting by a crazed videologger, YouTube staff were bused in to their California campus.

The convoy of heavily armoured vehicles began the journey 40 miles away and made its way slowly to the YouTube offices.

Police escorts and SWAT teams were on standby, and people even lined the streets to see the spectacle.

“Look up there. There’s a helicopter, AWACS and a few drones,” Jon Trench, 34, a local butcher said pointing up.

Many of the staff bused in under armoured cover are known YouTube censors so this is why Google is not taking any chances.

Security was so tight in the HQ today that if you even dropped a pin on the floor, fifty armed guards were on standby to surround you with automatic weapons pointed at your head.

“We’re not taking any chances anymore. I guess what goes around comes around. Censor enough people and one of them’s going to be a psychotic nut with a vendetta,” one YouTube employee said from under his balaclava.

Many hated YouTube staff are now in fear for their lives because it is easy to find out where they live. Thousands of former Tubers have had their livelihoods destroyed by being censored and demonetised by the biased censors, so there is definitely no shortage of angry people out there.