Epica Awards Deadline Extended to Friday 13th Aaaargh!

PARIS - France - The Epica Awards: unbiased and objective since 1987, is extending their entry deadline to Friday 13th October.

Don’t be spooked by this, it’s just another day in the calendar although it’s Friday the 13th..and the Epica Awards is looming over the dark foreboding mountains and smiling with a certain creative je ne sais quoi smile..

But fear not! There’s still a chance to have your work judged by the objective jury of journalists, backed up by Vice Media. Sign up to win a prize and get that coveted place in the glossy annual Epica Book.

This year, yours truly, the Daily Squib, is part of the jury voting in the humour section, and we cannot wait to see your entries.

Everyone who enters Epica has already won, because their work is seen by the very group of people who can spread the word about their talent.

That’s why Epica attracts entries from up-and-coming agencies as well as big networks.

And as always, every agency that enters gets a free copy of the annual Epica Book, a 400-page bible of creative inspiration.


No politics, no in-fighting, no coalitions. The Epica Awards pyramid is a truly impartial token of creative excellence.

The prize-giving ceremony will take place at the Meistersaal in Berlin on the evening of November 16, where all winners will be announced including agency and network of the year. Also production company of the year sponsored by GPN (The Global production Network). It will be preceded the same day by the Epica Awards Creative Circle conference.