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The AdForum Business Creative Report 2022

PARIS - France - The Adforum Business Creative Report 2022 showcases the most awarded brands, campaigns and agencies by product category last year.

Now in its fifth year, the AdForum Business Creative Report is a unique ranking of the world’s most awarded campaigns by specific industry sector.

The report covers 8 categories: Automotive, Finance, Food & Beverages, Health & Beauty, Luxury, Retail, Technology, Transport & Tourism.

Rigorously compiled from the results of the leading awards shows around the world, it is the only ranking of its kind. The report allows advertisers and agencies to measure their creative impact against peers in the same industry.

After a tumultuous 2020, when the awards calendar was turned upside down, last year saw the return of many competitions. This year’s report is based on the results of 40 leading awards shows, both global and local.

These include Cannes Lions, D&AD, the Epica Awards, the One Show, Eurobest, LIA, The Andy’s and the Shark Awards, among others. The latest edition also integrates specialist awards such as Clio Health, FAB Awards, Best!N Food, Best!N Beauty & Care, Autovision and the World Luxury Awards.

One of the top performers overall was Burger King, in both the Retail and Food categories, with the continuing success of the “Mouldy Whopper” and several new campaigns. These come from a variety of agencies, confirming once again that an advertiser with a taste for creativity drives award-winning work.

Another multiple award-winner was Mastercard, in the Finance category, whose ground-breaking “True Name” initiative from McCann New York resonated with juries worldwide.

The most awarded work tends to shatter conventions. Examples include “Wombstories” for Bodyform from AMV BBDO in Health & Beauty, and the “Stay Home Miles Exchange” from Thai Airways and Wunderman Thompson in Transport & Tourism (which rewarded customers for going precisely nowhere). But there is still room for a beautifully made film, such as Burberry’s “Festive” by Riff Raff Films, which tops the Luxury ranking.

See the best awards show performers in each category here.

For further information, contact Maud Largeaud, Chief Information Officer: [email protected]


Founded in 1999, AdForum allows advertising agencies and production companies to showcase their creative work and talents to brands and prospective new business partners. Over the years, it has grown into one of the industry’s biggest sources of intelligence and creative inspiration.

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