Cameron Cracking Down on Offshore Tax Havens

LONDON - England - David Cameron has promised to crack down on offshore tax havens where the rich hide their money from tax authorities




“There will be nowhere to hide. I will make sure that the tax man finds you wherever you stash your money or that massive inheritance daddy arranged. Let me make this clear,¬†we will be uncovering some serious stuff here. Some of us could be in the shitter if this tax avoidance nonsense¬†comes out, but I have arranged for the tax man to come after me, even if I’m the PM. Oops! Did I just say that? Never mind..ahem.”

You can read the full papers here.

  • Joseph

    Dave pissed off the wrong people (super rich) so they gave him some medicine.

  • lindo

    Tax expert: people ‘breaking the law’ by hiding money in Panama