Tuck Frump: The Video Making People Vote Trump

trump finger

SAN FRANCISCO – USA – Either some liberals in America have gone collectively insane or they are really scared at the rise of Trump.

“This is really not helpful because it makes undecided voters vote for Trump. Don’t know where to begin with this video but it is actually making Trump voters and the man himself look normal. Whoever commissioned this piece must be kicking themselves right now as it has had the exact opposite effect it was meant to have,” an undecided voter who is now backing Trump told MSNBC.


    They’re silly gooses

    • Alexander Hed

      Why don t you show pictures about what ISIS do to fellow Muslims? what Bashir Al-Assad do to fellow Muslim or should I say Sunni Muslims..or how Hammas treats other Palestinians…you don t like that do you, yo antisemite..

  • Alexander Hed

    Awful video..and false..

  • Karen Norman

    The video is vile. More hateful than anything I have heard Trump say. And getting children to use foul language shows the mentality of the people involved. Disturbing on so many levels.

    • TomEver

      Claiming that it is more hateful than anything you’ve heard Trump say is just stupid. Sure, the video is bad. Extremely bad. But that’s just what Trump is. Both he and this video are f*cking vile.

  • Hayde Christiansson

    Horribly obnoxious people in that video.

  • I can explain: Tuck Frump depicts a bunch of stereotypical liberals stereotypically whining about being stereotyped, spouting false factual claims, and threatening physical violence against those who disagree. It is everything normal people have come to hate about liberals squeezed into one video. The irony, of course, is that these people exist in America but for the tolerance which they themselves refuse to extend to others. Anyone who has ever dealt with people like this is quickly reminded of the parasitic political correctness which justified Trump’s campaign in the first place.

    • Alexander Hed

      if I were a Muslim I would keep quiet about talking about fascism and Rascism..something Islam excels in