Tony Blair Refuses to Answer Questions Could be Waterboarded Says Home Office

tony blair sweat

LONDON – England – The former prime minister said speculation about his role in the UK and US’s torture program is “not something I will ever talk about”. Tony Blair refuses to even answer questions and has always insisted the allegations are completely baseless.


A visibly sweating Tony Blair has emphatically denied that he has any knowledge of torture practised by the UK and US during the War of Terror.

Tony Blair Refuses

“I have no idea what you are talking about and refuse flat out to even answer any questions regarding the subject of torture or Rupert Murdoch’s former wife. I do not even know that woman and have never met her even once while Rupert was away on a business trip,” the former prime minister told a tribunal hearing.

Home Office secretary, Theresa May has ordered Tony Blair to be waterboarded until his memory comes back.

“Well, well, well, if he won’t admit it under normal conditions, maybe if we jog his memory a little. How about a bit of waterboarding or some electric shock treatment on his testicles? I have ordered Mr. Blair be detained in a secret location where he will be tortured until he admits the heinous things he has been up to.”