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IMPORTANT: If You Voted Brexit Please Contact Your Local MP NOW

LONDON - England - If you voted to take back control from the EU on June 23 2016, you not only made the correct decision, but 52% of voters, 17.5 million people voted for Brexit did the same, please contact your MP now to remind them how the NATION voted. ... Full story
Juncker Junkers

Juncker: If Britain Remains There Will Be No More Reform in EU

BRUSSELS - Belgium - EU President, Jean Claude Juncker has slapped down David Cameron and warned the Prime Minister there will be no more reform to Britain’s EU membership if the country votes Remain tomorrow. ... Full story

German Industry Calls for Free Trade Deal if We Vote Leave Tomorrow

BERLIN - Germany - The Chief Executive and Director General of the BDI, Markus Kerber, has called for continued free trade if the UK leaves the EU. ... Full story
wembley- eu debate

IN Campaign Can’t Find a Positive Reason to Stay in the EU

LONDON - England - The Wembley EU debate witnessed an ailing negative IN campaign with nothing good to say about staying in the EU or Britain. ... Full story

The TUC and the EEF Have Been Consistently Wrong About the EU

LONDON - England - The EEF's and TUC's claims about the European Union are completely ridiculous and misguided. ... Full story
overcrowding SCHOOLS

Public Services Buckling Under Pressure From Uncontrollable Migration

LONDON - England - Priti Patel MP comments on the scale of mass unfettered uncontrollable EU migration is having a devastating effect on our public services. ... Full story

Mordaunt: EU is ‘Paying Lip Service to Democracy’

LONDON - England - Penny Mordaunt MP comments on calls by the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee for an investigation into reports that Turkish border guards have been shooting and killing Syrians trying to flee their country. ... Full story
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Queen Backs Brexit: Her Majesty Confirmed By Royal Biographer Backing Leave EU

LONDON - England - The Queen has been confirmed as a Brexiteer by her royal biographer Robert Lacey. ... Full story

Out! – Voices for Freedom and Democracy

LONDON - England - As the UK prepares for a historic vote on membership of the European Union, a diverse group of activists and politicians have come together to voice their support for the progressive, democratic case for voting Leave. ... Full story

Lord Lamont Responds to George Soros

LONDON - England - Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Lamont of Lerwick has commented on claims by George Soros about leaving the European Union. ... Full story
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