trump meets theresa may

When Donald Met Theresa

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Having the Don on the side of Brexit and against the EU is a good thing, a damn, damn, good thing that must be encouraged at all times. ... Full story

We’ll Believe It When We See It Mrs May

LONDON - England - Yesterday, Theresa May unloaded a semi-plan for Brexit. To put it simply she claimed she supported an exit from the single market and customs union with Brussels. ... Full story

Theresa May’s Secret Guilty Pleasures Revealed

LONDON - England - What goes on in the dungeons below Number 10? Theresa May, leathered up in expensive gear reveals some of her dark pleasures and guilty secrets. ... Full story

Experts: You Can’t Have a Brexit Without Brexiteers in Charge

LONDON - England - Remoaner Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond is calling for a transitional soft Brexit over 4 - 6 years. His proposal would be a serious watering down of Brexit and for what people voted for on June 23, 2016. ... Full story

Ignore Farage at Your Own Peril

NEW YORK - USA - Lambasted and much maligned by the existing political classes, Nigel Farage, is the reason the UK won its Brexit ruling. Without his vision and his following Britain would have been denied the all important referendum. ... Full story
EU Houses of Parliament

EU Referendum: Betrayal of the People by Traitors in Undemocratic Coup

LONDON - England - The High Court decision today is a betrayal of the will of the people cast on June 23 2016 in the EU referendum. ... Full story

Brexit Lost: Scuppered By May and High Court

LONDON - England - The High Court decision today to deny the EU Referendum result is a sign that we are not living in a democracy or a sovereign country. ... Full story

Theresa May Should Have Invoked Article 50 Within a Week of Her Becoming PM

LONDON - England - Whilst Theresa May took country walks in the Swiss Alps, the quislings and traitors plotted to thwart Brexit. ... Full story
blinded by eu

Hard Brexit Will NOT Cost Britain £66 Billion Per Year

LONDON - England - The Treasury, under staunch Remainer, Philip Hammond, has released another Project Fear report peddling lies and nonsense to thwart Brexit. ... Full story
EU POSTER vote leave

EU: “Jump!” Theresa May: “How High?”

LONDON - England - The EU is increasing their federalist state daily, imposing restrictions on nations within the soviet bloc, punishing nations with fines, increasing migration, implementing an EU Army separate from NATO, yadda yadda yadda.. ... Full story
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