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Brexit Now: 35 Hours On NHS Trolley Only to Die a...

LONDON - England - As Britain's population grows exponentially due to unfettered migration, the NHS is left on its knees, used and abused by millions.

How Schengen Open Door Policy Was Downfall of EU Empire

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU architects are the engineers of their own demise, and have condemned Europe to destruction through Schengen.

How Romanians Colonised Britain in Less Than Two Years

LONDON - England - There will be no Brexit, as the deluge continues into Britain day in day out from the EU.

Analyst: Why Turkey Opening Border to Millions Migrants into Europe is...

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday has vowed to throw open Turkey's borders to illegal migrants after the European Parliament voted to back a freeze in membership talks with Ankara, and have reneged on a visa deal that was promised by the EU a few months ago.

Experts: Obama Helped Trump With Illegal Database

ARIZONA - USA - As the Obama administration encouraged illegal immigrants to come over the border, Donald Trump wants to stop this, and send them back.

Hook Up Sites Tinder and Grindr Good For Population Control

LONDON - England - News that there has been a massive spike in syphilis amongst users of Tinder and Grindr is welcome news to many who are seriously concerned with over population.

Everyone’s Racist If You Have Eyes and Can See You Are...

LONDON - England - From birth, the human condition of distinction of differences is a natural human mechanism, conditioned over thousands of years of human existence, called racism or being racist.

Parisian Nightmare an EU Lesson in Suicidal Schengen Destruction

PARIS - France - The French stand to lose billions of euros in lost revenue from their tourist industry as visitor numbers plummet through terrorism, low quality overpricing and a dirty city resembling a migrant camp.

Huge Sinkhole in China Swallows At Least 347,000 People

HENAN - China - A huge sinkhole opened up on Wednesday, swallowing a section of road and passers-by and leaving at least 347,000 people missing.

Three-quarters of a Million People Gained Right to Come to UK...

LONDON - England - Eurostat's publication today of acquisition of citizenship statistics for the EU reveal the UK has no control of migration and the numbers of migrants are increasing at an exponential rate into the EU.