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22-3: When Terror Came Back to London

LONDON – England – Britons have always held a steadfast position when it comes to terror. From the doodlebugs of World War II, to the bombs of the IRA, and now to the Jihadist attacks on civilians and police, there is a strange calm across the land, a resolute feeling of defiance.

London Underground: “What We’re Doing On Our Tube Strike”

LONDON - England - It's another lovely Monday morning and what better time then to have a tube strike bringing chaos and misery to many London commuters.

How Romanians Colonised Britain in Less Than Two Years

LONDON - England - There will be no Brexit, as the deluge continues into Britain day in day out from the EU.

Sadiq Khan: “I’d Like to Sharia This Moment of Joy...

LONDON - England - Sadiq Khan has become the new Mayor of London. He accepted his election win with a gracious speech.

At Least Bowie Missed the Tube Strike

LONDON - England - David Bowie is dead, he died today, but at least he didn't have to endure another tube strike.

Walthamstow East London is Delightful This Time of Year

WALTHAMSTOW - England - East London has many delights and sauntering through the streets you can pick up some great bargains in this wonderful part of the capital.

Syria War: UK Council Tax 60% Rise Will Help

LONDON - England - Cash strapped councils across Britain will have to increase council tax by as much as sixty percent in some parts of the country to compensate for the funding shortfall due to the massive migratory influx especially from countries like Syria.

Buckingham Palace Nazi Leak Suspect Taken to Tower of London

LONDON - England - The Queen of England has ordered the proprietor and owner of the Sun newspaper, Rupert Murdoch, to be brought to the Tower of London, Buckingham palace officials have revealed.

Rare Footage Filmed Deep in Heart of Tower Hamlets

LONDON - England - We have acquired rare footage filmed deep in the heart of London's Tower Hamlets council.

Tube Drivers Having a Beautiful Day During Strike

LONDON - England - As the capital's tube drivers strike, some of them describe the wonderful time they are having.