Lords Thwart Brexit: Prepare For Civil War

LONDON - England - Blood will run in the streets if the Lords dare to thwart the will of the people as mandated on June 23 2016 with the EU referendum. ... Full story

Article 50: House of Lords or Labour Appointed Euro-Peers on EU Pensions?

LONDON - England - The final hurdle in political scrutiny in the House of Lords brought upon by the miserable Remoaners and their insidious campaign to derail the peoples vote that was conclusively for Brexit, will be the test of all tests. ... Full story
article 50 three line whip

Labour Three-line Whip to Seal Article 50, Hopefully

LONDON - England - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been busy in the House of Lords getting some names of good madams and mistresses who are proficient with the whip. ... Full story
gina miller treachery treason

Gina Miller and Foreign Treason Wins Momentarily Over Brexit

LONDON - England - As treachery and treason comes, having a citizen of Guyana win a court case thwarting the will of the British people simply because she paid europhile judges lots of money is a definite pitiful note in Britain's democracy. ... Full story

We’ll Believe It When We See It Mrs May

LONDON - England - Yesterday, Theresa May unloaded a semi-plan for Brexit. To put it simply she claimed she supported an exit from the single market and customs union with Brussels. ... Full story

Brexit Now: 35 Hours On NHS Trolley Only to Die a Sordid Death

LONDON - England - As Britain's population grows exponentially due to unfettered migration, the NHS is left on its knees, used and abused by millions. ... Full story

Experts: You Can’t Have a Brexit Without Brexiteers in Charge

LONDON - England - Remoaner Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond is calling for a transitional soft Brexit over 4 - 6 years. His proposal would be a serious watering down of Brexit and for what people voted for on June 23, 2016. ... Full story

Six Year Old Child Explains Biased Article 50 Court Case

LONDON - England - A six year old child explains the intricacies of holding a court case with not only biased EU-centric judges but an overwhelming team of lawyers speaking against the government. ... Full story

Article 50: Published List of MPs Who Voted Against Will of the People

LONDON - England - Remoaners were today defeated in parliament by an overwhelming vote of 461 - 89. The treacherous MPs who voted against the will of the people and the EU referendum will not have long political careers after their names are revealed. ... Full story

Italy Referendum: Going the Same Way of Greece

ROME - Italy - We must congratulate the Italians who have taken a step towards freeing themselves from the communist EU entity, however there is a long, long way to go for any anti-EU party takeover. ... Full story
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