Italy Referendum: Going the Same Way of Greece

ROME - Italy - We must congratulate the Italians who have taken a step towards freeing themselves from the communist EU entity, however there is a long, long way to go for any anti-EU party takeover. ... Full story

Vive la Révolution – Marine Le Pen France’s New Jeanne D’Arc

ORLÉANS, – France – Like a Phoenix from the flames, soon France may find liberty and freedom again from the stifling octopus grip of the socialists and EU unelected swine. ... Full story

Rubber Band Politics: How the Left Enables the Right

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The rise if the right is a direct result of the left, as the rubber band is pulled so far, it must eventually snap back. ... Full story
10 Downing Street.

The Real EU Referendum Will Be the Next General Election

LONDON - England - The real referendum will be the next general election when the people who voted for Brexit (52% of the electorate) will make their voices heard once again. ... Full story

Corbyn Steps Closer to Grand Prize

LONDON - England - Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, has thwarted one of many challenges to his leadership of the party he has led for the last year. ... Full story
Angela_Eagle Labour Party

Labour Party: Angela Gaffe Eagle Above Satire

GRIMSBY - England - Whilst the Tories seem to be speeding ahead, organised and somewhat united, Labour is in utter turmoil. ... Full story

Gove Falls On His Own Sword

LONDON - England - As the Conservative contest for leadership heats up, Michael Gove is eliminated leaving Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom. ... Full story

Boris: “I Have Something In My Back”

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson has spectacularly crashed out of the race to become the next Conservative Prime Minister of Britain. ... Full story

Jeremy Corbyn: I Am Still Leader of the Labour Party

LONDON - England - In a remarkable turn of events, former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has been sectioned. He was removed from Labour HQ last night. ... Full story
2016 conservative leadership contest

Think Tank: Conservative Members Should Have More Say in Leadership Contest

LONDON - England - In the run-up to the Conservative Party's upcoming leadership election, the Bow Group and Conservative Grassroots have conducted their own polling for what Conservative Party Members consider to be the candidates' ideological credentials and prospects. ... Full story
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