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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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Jeremy Corbyn: “I Have No Understanding of Maths and Neither Do...

LONDON - England - With ridiculous promises and hilarious utopian projections coming from Jeremy Corbyn and his clueless MPs, it is almost cringe worthy to see the socialist lemmings all clapping in unison to a bunch of mumbo jumbo Labour manifesto dreams that can never take place in any reality.

Comrade Corbyn Addresses High Party Apparatchiks and Bolsheviks

MANCHESTER - England - Comrade Jeremy Corbyn, supreme Soviet Labour leader has spoken about his 10-year plan of collectivism after the revolution.

Corbyn Calls Boris Johnson a ‘Fopdoodling Old Scobberlotcher!’

SCUNTHORPE - England - After being called a 'mutton-headed mugwump' by Boris Johnson the other day, illiterate Labour party advisers have been scouring dictionaries for hours on end trying to find something suitable to shout back at the Conservative Foreign Secretary.

Underestimate Corbyn At Your Own Risk

LONDON – England – Amongst the wailing and caterwauling that goes on at PMQs against Jeremy Corbyn and his communist chums every week, there is a feeling in the air that the conservatives are somehow invincible.

Hula Hula Socialist SJWs Trigger the End of American Civilisation

MIAMI - USA - Social Justice Warriors are a symptom of a malaise deeply entrenched in American society, as well as a precursor to the final destruction of Americanism.

Comrade Corbyn On Final Putsch to Cleanse Labour of Dissenters

ISLINGTON - England - Supreme Comrade Jeremy Corbyn has spoken of his distrust of many in the party and how a final purge is on the way once he destroys the opposition with extreme prejudice.

Jeremy Corbyn: I Am Still Leader of the Labour Party

LONDON - England - In a remarkable turn of events, former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has been sectioned. He was removed from Labour HQ last night.

Comrade Corbyn: We Are Purging Party of Dissenters

LONDON - England - Supreme Comrade Corbyn has beaten back dissenters, divergionists and treacherous traitors from a coup on his leadership of the People's Soviet Labour Party.

Comrade Cameron Crushing His Own Party and Country

SEKTOR 101 - EU - Supreme comrade in chief, David Cameron, has had a busy day bulldozing half his party and other enemy elements within the EU soviet country of Britain.

Comrade Corbyn Purging Party of Dissenters

GRIMSDALE - England - Supreme Comrade Corbyn, leader of the Red Labour party has purged the hierarchy of all traitors, dogs and treasonous anti-Soviet sentiment.