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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Underestimate Corbyn At Your Own Risk

LONDON – England – Amongst the wailing and caterwauling that goes on at PMQs against Jeremy Corbyn and his communist chums every week, there is a feeling in the air that the conservatives are somehow invincible.

Hula Hula Socialist SJWs Trigger the End of American Civilisation

MIAMI - USA - Social Justice Warriors are a symptom of a malaise deeply entrenched in American society, as well as a precursor to the final destruction of Americanism.

Comrade Corbyn On Final Putsch to Cleanse Labour of Dissenters

ISLINGTON - England - Supreme Comrade Jeremy Corbyn has spoken of his distrust of many in the party and how a final purge is on the way once he destroys the opposition with extreme prejudice.

Jeremy Corbyn: I Am Still Leader of the Labour Party

LONDON - England - In a remarkable turn of events, former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has been sectioned. He was removed from Labour HQ last night.

Comrade Corbyn: We Are Purging Party of Dissenters

LONDON - England - Supreme Comrade Corbyn has beaten back dissenters, divergionists and treacherous traitors from a coup on his leadership of the People's Soviet Labour Party.

Comrade Cameron Crushing His Own Party and Country

SEKTOR 101 - EU - Supreme comrade in chief, David Cameron, has had a busy day bulldozing half his party and other enemy elements within the EU soviet country of Britain.

Comrade Corbyn Purging Party of Dissenters

GRIMSDALE - England - Supreme Comrade Corbyn, leader of the Red Labour party has purged the hierarchy of all traitors, dogs and treasonous anti-Soviet sentiment.

Merkel: “We Must Welcome More into EU”

FRANKFURT - Germany - "Wir schaffen das," Angela Merkel has as a mantra, much like Obama's Marxist cry "Yes We Can" there is a resolute determination to undo thousands of years of European history in one fell swoop through collectivist techniques.

Why Any Particular Political Party in Government is a Form of...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - If one defines extremism it is simply "the holding of extreme political or religious views; fanaticism" and this definition can easily be applied to any political party in government today.

Corbyn Regurgitates Mush During Labour Conference

BRIGHTON - England - The newly appointed Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn spectacularly regurgitated dollops of yellowish gloopy mush from his mouth during his conference speech.